Charms, amulets and talismans for good luck and money

By purchasing the talisman of fortune, one hopes to attract positive events into his life. To make this happen faster, you need to not only select the right product, but also activate it. Most types of magic amulets that repel negativity and allow good events to happen can be easily made by hand from simple and affordable materials.

types of amulets for good luck

The easiest thing is to buy the finished product. Most magical items are made in special workshops using non-ferrous metals, wood, stones.

There are features to order a mascot if it is custom made and some of these are easy to assemble.

Amulet from Vanga for luck and money

According to the Bulgarian visionary, Vanga, the materials needed to produce spells that help attract luck are easily obtained from nature. He suggested making a strong talisman from young leaves and currant twigs.

When the buds open slightly, cut the thin branches off the bush, braiding them together with 3 green ribbons to make a braid.

Its ends are connected by 3 knots of ribbons. You should carry the resulting ring with you continuously for 1 year: in a bag, on your hand (like a bracelet). The dimensions of the product shall be taken into account immediately, taking into account this requirement. The following spring, the talisman is burned and a new one is made.

Horde amulet

An ancient work of art that brings good luck in business, it was used in the time of Genghis Khan, which has always been associated with good luck.

The talisman is made independently of a local coin (tenge), tied crosswise with a leather cord. Now the product is cast in brass or silver and sold in esoteric shops.

Amulet of luck and money from an astrologer

The modern astrologer believes in the power of amulets and uses a coin in his name to attract luck. You can order such lucky symbols at specialty retail stores. These are unique things that are created only for their owner: you can’t transfer or sell irreplaceable pennies to anyone.

Imperial amulet for luck and money making

The first such work of art was made long ago. Lavra monks said a prayer on a coin.

When the coin ended up with its owner, luck practically left him, took him to the throne and accompanied him in every endeavor.

It is also a unique product. The order is placed in esoteric shops. It is believed that with strong faith in God, you can pray for a coin yourself.

Muslim amulet for money and good luck

A widespread amulet of good fortune in the Muslim world is a piece of paper that contains a note on the surah of the Qur’an and that corresponds to the meaning of the word. The artefact is purchased in the mosque and carried in a leather bag. Losing it means a series of bad luck.

Talismans pendants with sacred records can now be purchased in online stores and similar stores. To use the product, you need to find what is written on it: the prayer of good luck is depicted in Arabic letters.

Red thread

An Israeli fortune spell is made of a red woolen thread tied in 7 knots. You have to wear it on your hand like a bracelet. Sometimes the product is supplemented with a hamsa pendant. It will attract money if a perforated coin is used as a pendant or connecting element.

The ends of the thread wrapped around the wearer's wrist are tied to it. Traditionally, the closest relative has to knit the yarn: mother, grandmother.

It’s easy to make an amulet with your own hands, you don’t have to order the delivery of the consecrated strands from Jerusalem. But many believe in the power of the talisman from the Holy Land and only buy such artifacts.

Slavic amulets for good luck

Slavic amulets include pendants made of metal, wood, ceramics and embroidered or woven amulet ribbons.

Like other products, they can be purchased in specialty stores and used immediately after activation.

horseshoe as an amulet of fortune

On the artifacts, the Slavs depict symbols of protection: the star of Lada, Rozhanitsa for women, Perunitsa for men. Images of the swastika or Odolen herbs, other sun symbols, are considered universal.

Not only do they attract luck and prosperity into the life of the owner, but they dispel negative manifestations: the envy of someone else and the evil eye or harm it causes.

Fabric armbands and belts are considered strong amulets. The patterns applied to them can repeat the graphic symbols of the Sun. They often depict objects and animals related to family life and the birth of children: paired figures of cranes, chickens and roosters.

For self-manufacture, a strip of natural fiber is taken and a cross or beads are embroidered on it. The combination of red and white is most often used: the patterns should contrast with the background.

Do it yourself amulet-basic recommendations

Those who undertake to make a talisman or amulet for themselves for good luck must follow a number of rules. They allow you to create an artifact with the necessary properties to help attract events and things that are important to the owner. Anything that is undesirable is repelled by the amulet.

Amulet and shape

Before you start making an artwork, you need to define its purpose, in conjunction with your desires.

The choice of shape also depends on:

  • the circle denotes harmony and financial stability, most often used in monetary talismans;
  • the oval is better suited for business people: it is both connected to making money and helps the owner to direct his efforts to solve the necessary problems;
  • the square is a powerful shape that indicates the strength of the 4 elements and ensures the constancy and stability of the desired well-being;
  • triangles are used to bring good luck, good luck to any endeavor, not necessarily associated with money and wealth (e. g. , to pass an exam easily);

Simple geometric shapes are often combined by circling triangles, combining rectangular and rounded contours. Thematic products (for example, according to the zodiac sign) may have more complex outlines. The horseshoe, the hamsa, the image of an animal is also an amulet and is either made in the form of an image based on the desired shape or cut out separately.

The dimensions of the gizmos that you constantly carry with you should be small. A neck pendant, keychain, or similar trifle can be easily hidden from prying eyes.

Talisman and material added

For a home-made amulet, only materials that are comfortable to work with and wear are always used. Sometimes when we think of an idea, the material itself gets into his hands: an accidentally found stone with an unusual texture, a piece of wood, a horn, or an animal’s tooth.

pendant clover as an amulet of fortune

He attracted attention and aroused a desire to "communicate" with him. Such gifts of nature work best in rune or pagan amulets.

If you want to make a metal amulet but casting technology is not available, you can use wire weaving techniques, coins, or small trays made of non-ferrous metal. The image is applied to them by etching or scratching.

Talisman and zodiac sign

Zodiac constellations give a person characteristic personality traits. To enhance or soften their manifestations, they use stones and metals that correspond to the patron saint of the sign.

Each sign also has individual preferences that are advisable to follow when making the talisman of good fortune and wealth:

  • Rams need square objects, orange and green are used in the decoration;
  • An animal figure (bull, elephant), beige shades are suitable for Taurus;
  • The key, the wheel, made in white and blue tones, brings good luck to the Gemini;
  • Cancer often carries the image of crab, or crayfish, on a round silver plate;
  • A circle and gilding is suitable for Leo;
  • It is best for virgins to carve an amulet out of clay and plaster, painting it in ocher tones;
  • The scales can make stucco amulets, but you can paint them on silver;
  • Scorpio fits your own image or water symbols (frog, turtle);
  • A bronze horseshoe or arrow will help Sagittarius gain luck;
  • A yellow metal coin or gilded image of any denomination will help Capricorn;
  • Images of wings (birds, mythical creatures) bring good luck to Aquarius;
  • It is best for fish to use sea motifs and shells in shades of blue per talisman.

You do not have to intentionally activate them using the amulets according to the zodiac sign. The stones or protective symbols start working when they join the owner’s biomark.

When is the best time to make an amulet?

For the production of protective things, it is better to choose the depleting phase of the moon: the luminaire transfers its power to the object, which aims to minimize negative external influences. But the "happy" talismans that attract income, love, luck, or prosperity to the house must be performed on the rising moon for any positive or desired manifestation to grow.

When making a work of art for himself or as a gift, the master must be healthy and in a good mood. When working on amulets, you may not scold someone, remember unpleasant events, get offended, or experience other negative emotions. It is better to work in sunlight or assemble the product by candlelight.

Why is a homemade amulet better than a purchased one?

If it is self-made, the owner of the work of art will be able to maintain constant confidence that the object is made with the best of wishes. When buying a talisman, it is often not possible to know the meaning of the drawing used.

Rovas amulets must be made to the most precise requirements.

If the selected rune does not match the wishes of the owner, the effect of the item may not be the same as that of its creator. When making homemade products, it is always possible to check the reference books accurately and select the most appropriate markings.

good luck making an amulet with your own hands

The same applies to Slavic symbolism. When you choose a means of protection from the seller, you may encounter dishonesty or a lack of awareness.

In the case of in-house production, the samples are selected according to the artefact's own requests.

How to make an amulet for luck and money with your own hands?

In order for a homemade product to bring good luck, before making it, you need to determine what the prospective owner wants to get. Making amulets requires no sketching, and the master’s hand directly follows his imagination.

Magic coin

The easiest way to top up a coin is in the form of a simple coin. At full moon, they are placed under the rays of the planet all night: clear water is poured into a saucer, a coin is placed there, and the pot is placed on the windowsill. The talisman is kept in your wallet, but you can’t pay with it.

Another possibility is to form a coin from clay or plaster. Combine the garnish with a pinch of cinnamon and 2 drops of honey. The product is dried, covered with gold paint, and carried in a wallet with the other money.

From the threads

You can weave in different ways:

  • use macrame techniques and multiple strands to create a wide bracelet;
  • twist 2 threads and tie 7 or 9 knots on them;
  • weave the braid from 3 threads.

These types of charms are worn on the wrist or ankle. It is not recommended to remove them until the wish is met.

Money bag

a bag of money as a talisman of fortune

Sew a bag. Collect several different coins and rinse them under running water. Spread it out on the table, express your joy at the presence of money, keep them, pick.

Then put it one by one in a bag, saying, "Coins for coins, nickel for nickel, rubles for rubles (name the other dignity of the marks collected) - all the money to the court. "

Money ball

Grab an invoice or yellow coin and wrap it in green yarn. While the ball is rolling, imagine a lot of money. After winding up enough threads so that the stuffing of the ball is hidden under them, hang it inside the apartment above the entrance.

Rune amulets

The base is made of the following materials:

  • genuine leather - attracts money;
  • clay and wood are universal;
  • horns and teeth of animals - protection against something.

Make rectangular or rounded small plates on which 1 rune or runestav can be represented - a pattern of 2-3 icons.

Use the technique of scratching or engraving for the application. Squeeze the samples on the clay until dry. It burns the outline on the tree with a lens, using the energy of sunlight.

Little things

Sometimes you come across tiny objects that somehow attract you: bird feathers, stones, shells, and so on. Such trifles can be collected and carried in a bag or stored separately. They often work as talismans, bringing luck in some shops.

Money tree

The bastard plant is also a common amulet of wealth. When you plant it in a pot, you have to throw away a few coins, thinking it is an investment in the well-being of the future. It is believed that as the tree grows, so does the well-being of the owner.

Homemade souvenirs - bonsai or topiary - are also used as money trees. They are made of a tree branch fixed in a tank. Instead of leaves, a coin is affixed to such a tree.

Horseshoe over the door

Finding a horseshoe is an old sign of impending wealth or other fortune. In a modern apartment, decorative elements made of plaster or metal or plastic are more often hung.

Place the talisman over the front door from the inside. Fasten with the tips facing up.

Magical pouch

Sew a bag of luck from red fabric (satin or velvet). Embroider the initials with gold or yellow threads, or draw with a gold marker on the fabric.

Placement inside:

  • gravel;
  • a piece of wax;
  • a picture of the horseshoe (pendant, drawing);
  • animal figures to which pleasant events are associated;
  • coins of different denominations and currencies;
  • plant ingredients: pomegranate and orange peel, cinnamon sticks, dried violet or apple tree flowers, image of four-leaf clover.

Tie your neck tightly and store it in a secret place.

Magical wax

Buy any wax candles. Put it in a glass at midnight and light it. As you watch the burn, imagine the events you want to attract into your life. The rest of the wax is placed in a red bag or coin.

stones amulet of luck according to the signs of the zodiac

Amulet stones for luck and money for zodiac signs

Each sign corresponds to stones that, when designing amulets, help you achieve what you want faster:

  • Aries - heliotrope and amethyst;
  • Bull - jade, agate, ivory;
  • Gemini - beryl, pomegranate;
  • Crab - emerald and transparent calcite;
  • Lion ruby;
  • The Virgin jasper;
  • The Libra Scales;
  • Scorpio - cat's eye and opal;
  • Sagittarius - turquoise;
  • Capricorn - malachite and onyx;
  • Aquarius - obsidian, sapphire;
  • Pisces - moonstone and chrysolite.

Recharging talismans with energy

Some talismans begin to work immediately after production because they are burdened during the creative process, when pronouncing conspiracies, or when displaying desire. For rune amulets, the activation process is required: most often we recommend that you drop your own blood on the drawing and rub it over the sample.

Money talismans are best left on the windowsill during the full moon. They absorb the growth energy of the luminaire and pass it on to the owner.

We recommend that you arrange some of the prefabricated amulets (bags with coins and other contents) 2-3 times a month, keep each item, and put everything back. Sleeping under the pillow with the amulet also contributes well to recharging.