We make amulets to attract money ourselves

attracted by wealth and amulets

Everyone knows the words that there is not always enough money.

Some try to get them through tedious work, while others make amulets out of luck and money, which effectively attracts material wealth.

It is an excellent alternative to various magical rituals and helps throughout life.

To do this, it is enough to make an amulet correctly to attract luck with your own hands and recharge it with your own energy as well as keep it with you.

Natural helpers in making money

It is widely known among people that the strongest amulet of money must be made by hand. Especially when he speaks special words to achieve monetary wealth. Today, the rich selection of amulets may surprise everyone.

For example, everyone knows money amulets in the form of trees. These include jerky, geranium and cacti. With competent and caring care, they are sure to reciprocate and attract money into the house. As they grow, prosperity increases many times over.

money in the chest and their attraction by the amulet

But the true power of plants is only shared if they are grown independently of a small shoot that is recommended to be taken from a wealthy home.

How to make an amulet? The shoot should be planted in the first or second phase of the moon. It helps replenish the young plant with growth energy and helps save cash.

For maximum effect, plant a money tree in an expensive, beautiful pot, place 3 coins on the bottom with the number "5" on the front. Spraying soil on the plant, you should say softly:

"My beloved money, my copper and gold money, come closer to my hand and my wallet. "Come every day of the week and stick to my hand! Amen! "

Careful care accelerates the power of the magical effect: you need to talk to the flower with love, often praise the plant and stroke it. And it is useful to decorate it with some beautiful ornaments. They will serve as real bait to attract money and material wealth.

Collecting coins for wealth

Folk wisdom says, "Money always reaches for money. " And there is a certain truth here that you must use. And to make a truly effective amulet to attract money and material wealth with your own hands.

All you have to do is look closely at your feet and carefully collect the coins that passers-by threw into the street.

But you have to beware of coins lying at the intersection as they can carry negative energy. If you raise a coin, you have to say in a whisper, "Good luck! ". To implement the plan requires a whole handful of coins, the amount of which must be exactly 8 rubles.

items for the ceremony to attract good luck

Then follow the magic algorithm:

  • put coins in salt water for several hours to wash away the remnants of someone else’s energy;
  • dry the trifle thoroughly on a warm day, filled with positive energy;
  • sew a small bag of natural fabric and put money in it;
  • tie a bag of scarlet thread and go to church;
  • stand on duty and go home.

Returning from the church, small trifles must be scattered on the doorstep of the house and left for exactly 3 days. During this time, you cannot clean, sweep or wipe the floor. And it is not advisable to let outsiders into the house.

At the end of the third day, collect the coins and place them in a beautiful clay pot. It should be hidden in the southeastern part of the house, out of sight. After a while, money is talismans, amulets attract wealth, money and wealth to the house.

Making "Pialushka"

This interesting name hides an original money talisman or an effective do-it-yourself amulet for money. It is essential to create the "Pialushki" model:

  • take a blank sheet of white paper;
  • carefully draw a small diameter circle for a small bowl;
  • place 2 saucers and candles around the edges of the sheet;
  • pour some holy water into the "bowl" with the words, "The bowl is full, and my money will multiply! "

You must then throw small denomination coins into the circle, pronouncing the magic words of the conspiracy:

"I wish you wealth! Good luck! "I wish you abundance, gold and happiness. Let the money enter my life and stay forever, Amen! "

A total of 10 coins must be tossed into the circle and then wait until the candles are completely burned out. You will then need to place the switch on the window and spray the plants in the house clockwise with the remaining water. If they are not, do the same with the corners, starting at the entrance.

When the coins have dried, they should be placed in a "bowl", carefully wrapping the edges of the sheet of paper. And then put it in the place where the money is stored.

Making a magic ball

candles and coins to attract luck

Money itself plays a significant role in attracting money. Another popular ritual is to make a kind of magic ball on your own. It was previously used as an amulet and was even worn around the neck.

The work is based on accounts of any denomination, a series of which repeats the date of birth or its initials, who makes the amulet with his own hands.

Grab the bill you like best, gently suck it with a pipe, and start wrapping it in red thread made of natural wool. At every turn in the process, you need to imagine the future wealth, where it comes from, and what you plan to spend most of the money on.

The following conspiracy will help enhance the magic effect:

"All the money is in the house, and the house is the throne! I sit on the throne and count my money! "

It is necessary to roll up the money in the form of a small sphere. It should be suspended above the entrance to the living room on a red silk ribbon and occasionally sprinkled with cinnamon or lemon essential oils.

Strong financial conspiracy

Another talisman that attracts money with its own hands involves the use of a special conspiracy and a large denomination banknote. The ceremony is needed on Monday, early in the morning, when everyone is still asleep and the sun’s rays just show up on the horizon.

You should light a paraffin candle (preferably green) and place a small mirror next to it, gluing a large denomination bill on it. A cup of clean drinking water should be put on top and whispered whispering to the money:

"I got up early (in the morning) and all the merchants, goldsmiths and servants called (called). I showed (showed) them the respect, the long patience, and the strong desire for the money in their wallets to multiply and the money in their pockets to multiply! Amen! "

After reading the text nine times, drink half a glass and wash yourself thoroughly with the remaining water. The words of the lucky ceremony must be repeated throughout the week, and all ransoms must be taken to the crossroads the following Monday.

The conspiracy money amulet should be carefully stored in a hidden corner of your wallet and you should never have to pay with them. It will function as an unchanging account that attracts material wealth.

Draw runes

ritual luck

From ancient times, magic runes have been used as an effective magical remedy for various occasions. But most often, runes are used as talismans and amulets to attract money and get rid of poverty. The "Fehu" rune is an illustrative example.

The intersection of your lines will help you stay on the right path, avoid financial mistakes, attract luck, and gain great benefits and money.

Such a money amulet helps to preserve the accumulated savings and multiply them many times over. The rune is activated by simply putting it on a pen, work tools, wallet or safe. It can be useful to take this picture on your phone or computer if the direct work activity is related to them.

Controlling the attraction of the rune to money is simple: you have to take it with you all the time and talk to it often. You need to explain in detail what you want to achieve from life and what goals you need to achieve.

Pronouncing different moments will help you tune in to the magical wave and not make silly mistakes and material losses.

We use folk tricks and wisdom

coins and sprouts as talismans that attract luck

A wide variety of amulets of luck and money are very effective, but a little effort is required on your part. For example, use the following folk symbols:

  • money loves the bill, but it’s best to execute it during the day or in the morning;
  • you cannot get coins from the piggy bank while it is full;
  • it is not recommended to keep different currencies in one account;
  • you don’t have to regret the money you spend, you have to spend money smiling, they come back;
  • at home, sweeping the floor should be from the doorstep, sweeping luck into the house.

There is no need to be afraid of creating amulets and talismans to attract money, the power of which people have long known. Each of them has unique abilities that can help you get rid of poverty, earn money, and gain a stable financial position.

Almost every second or third person has a wide variety of amulets to attract money. The strong belief in their actions is due to millions of real-life experiences when the simplest-looking amulet helped achieve the richness and success of life.

In fact, much in this case depends on the faith and positive energy of the amulet maker. If there are plenty of them, the money is sure to find its master.