Amulets and talismans that attract money and luck

Money-attracting amulets and talismans of fortune help to achieve financial stability and improve the financial situation. The presence of finances doesn’t necessarily depend on how much a person works, but on how much money "loves" him or her and knows how to attract him or her into his or her life. Magic props help with this and attract success thanks to the power of talismans.

amulet of fortune

Ancient amulets for wealth and luck

The essence of the action of the ancient talismans extends in the following directions:

  • attracting energy money to your home;
  • reprogramming awareness in a positive way to achieve abundance;
  • the emergence of a "magnet for money" that transforms the energy of space into a financial process.

Energy work takes place at a subtle level, without the support of dark forces, without influencing the will of other people.

Imperial amulet

To produce an entire coin without holes, the older the year of issue, the better. The talisman is wrapped in ribbon and carried with you, in your wallet or pocket, if you put it around your neck, you will need to drill a hole for the rope.

the imperial amulet of fortune


Slavic money amulets are presented in the form of the following particularly revered varieties:

  • The Star of the Cross helps you achieve a specific goal that you are striving for with all your soul.
  • The burdock of happiness attracts income and good luck to the family while protecting the accumulated savings from waste.
  • Belobog personalizes happiness, luck, and prosperity, attracts profits in all its affairs, and eliminates family conflicts.

Important!Regardless of how the talisman is worn, its strength does not change, you can choose the most appropriate option - around your neck, in your pocket, in your wallet.

Money mill

The Saxon image is a special runic formula represented by a millstone. The charm of good luck is to accumulate strong attraction and financial flow from all possible sources.


A rare amulet in the form of a gold horde coin worn on a cord after being cross-linked. It is not customary to show the talisman to people; it must be hidden from prying eyes under clothing.


The talisman of the royal coin has a strong defensive power, eliminating all troubles, sorrows and financial problems. Usually it’s a copper penny, it’s talked about for the profit and luck of a particular owner.

Important!If the coin is touched by another person, it must be refilled after cleaning with water and salt.


The power of the amulet lies in its attraction to wealth and power, its secret is not revealed, and only a select few know the ritual of performing a monetary ritual over a Masonic amulet. Every member of the secret Masonic society has such an amulet, it has tremendous power, and it doesn’t just serve as an attractive decoration.

Rune talismans

Pictures of runes responsible for financial well-being are placed in the location closest to the money, it can be a safe or wallet, as well as a keychain, cell phone, laptop if they are related to your work.

The Fehu Rune attracts money, allows you to profit from any situation, and turns even the saddest financial situation in your direction. Constant contact with the runic amulet brings good luck with the expected material. Take a look at the picture, explain what you’re waiting for and in what form, and you’re sure to get the help you need.

Important!Runes do not help in crimes based on lies, deception and theft.

Chinese amulets

A Chinese amulet attracts money with the image of the "Wealth" hieroglyph; it should be in every house to attract cash flow. The properties of a hieroglyph attract money to the house, not to a particular person, for the welfare of the family.

The hieroglyph is depicted on separate objects, wall panels, and improves its properties with the presence of fresh orange. The fruit is placed in a wicker basket, which is placed near the picture or in the middle of the house. The deer figure serves to improve the qualities of the energy conductor in order to gain spiritual wealth.

An amulet of early Islam

The oriental amulet is presented in the form of a coin, with patterns and figures depicted in the Islamic tradition. It creates a connection with the Prophet and can only be used by believing Muslims whose prayers are heard by Allah and brings success in business and finances. It is better to buy a coin at a shop near the mosque and keep it with you when you say prayers to the Prophet to pass on his requests to him.

Islamic fortune amulet

Money catcher

The amulet is a stylized image of a hand with magical symbols. The money in the picture attracts money, creating an energy flow to attract luck and spiritual harmony. The best place to place it is above the front door. The cashier can be placed above the workplace, then salary increases and career growth await you.

You made money

You can make the amulet yourself: put gold, bay leaf, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves in a bowl, you can add gold jewelry. The bowl is an ideal place for the living room, just so that it is hidden from prying eyes.

Solomon's Pentacle

The talisman is otherwise called the "seal of Solomon"; according to legend, this sign was depicted on the ring of the great ruler. The power of the amulet allows mages and wizards to use its properties and ordinary people to achieve financial prosperity.

fifth Solomon as a talisman of fortune

How to make an amulet for luck and money with your own hands

From the threads

The ideal time for crafts is the full moon and then the rising moon.

  1. Buy green (wealth), red (to fulfill a wish) and blue (successful implementation).
  2. Weave a braid out of them, fastening the threads tightly, and tie in the form of a bracelet. As you work, imagine the financial benefits you want to achieve (new job, salary increase, career growth, lottery prize).
  3. Wear the finished amulet on the ankle of your left foot until you notice a change in financial situation. You must then burn the amulet and thank the Universe for your help.

The preparation of the talisman is a serious thing, do not be disturbed by foreign conversations and other irritating factors, focus on the task.


The most effective amulet that is directly related to the energy of money is a coin that cannot be exchanged. Choose according to your feelings and always carry it in your wallet. A cleansing ritual followed by magic can turn a coin into a powerful money talisman.


The denomination of the account does not affect its magical properties, the point is to store it carefully and not change it under any circumstances. You can choose a banknote, receive it as a gift, or from the first profit of a new business.

Money bag

The talisman is a blue canvas bag full of stones that bring material luck - it’s turquoise. They sew with their own hands and then insert coins and banknotes of increasing denominations, starting every day with the new moon. You can lubricate them with eucalyptus oil.

They keep the mascot in one place about your business, don’t show it to anyone. The conspiracy repeats itself from time to time, holding the bag in your hand and focusing on the financial flows leaning towards you.


You can choose the right version of the talisman from many different types - goldfish figures with red coin threads or money toad with a coin in your mouth. The property of the financial magnet is owned by the shoots of plants that have been secretly taken out of a bank or "stolen" from a house with a good income.

The wallet mouse and other similar talismans get into the wallet where they effectively attract monetary luck. You must constantly wear such talismans to accumulate their useful qualities for profit.

mouse figure as an amulet of fortune

Birch bark amulet

The energy of birch helps you attract luck and money, you will need:

  • church candle;
  • water in a tank;
  • linen bags;
  • Matchbox.

The candle is fixed in a glass of water, lit, and mentally displaying the cash flows that tend to you. Birch bark carries the fire, being careful not to burn it. The bark and drain wax pieces are then wrapped in a clean sheet of paper, folded into a linen bag, and carried in a bag and pocket.

Rag spoon

The origin of the pagan amulet of fortune is related to the ancient belief that the more spoons there are in the house, the richer the owner. The modern version of the spoon is a miniature souvenir with a decoration carved in gold, silver or copper. The magical properties of the spoon are based on the owner's belief that wearing an amulet can improve certain areas of life:

  • increase income and solve potential financial problems, save and accumulate funds;
  • effective protection against the evil eye and envy from the evildoers so that their income will not be discouraged.

Silver enhances the properties of the spoon, preventing negative energy from penetrating from the outside, which is why the silver rag spoon is a classic amulet.

spoon zagrebushka as a talisman of fortune

Feng Shui talismans for luck and money

Money toad

The most popular feng shui amulet is the stand toad, which is made of onyx, jade or other minerals. Proper placement - opposite the front door, with your back as if jumping into the house, bringing wealth. The toad can be placed in the living room, near the aquarium and in the southeastern part of the house, and coins, mint leaves and basil should be placed next to it.

Do not place the three-legged toad on high tables and shelves because it is afraid of height.

money toad as an amulet of fortune


God’s Hotei personifies prosperity, abundance, and attracts financial prosperity. His figures are made of clay, wood, stone, the material of manufacture does not affect his qualities to bring good luck.

To do this, the god figure is turned into the hallway, towards the entrance, thus acknowledging the cash flow and leaving it in the apartment. It is effective to place the Hotei in the table or wealth sector of the home, southeast. Hotei supported you, caress the cheerful god on your stomach as you think about the upcoming financial income.

Money tree

A living plant called "bastard, " with rounded leaves, symbolizing coins that will grow more and more in your house. The tree is given as a gift, it cannot be bought, it will fill your home with harmony due to the flow of energy of wealth and prosperity.

money tree is a good lucky talisman

Coins with red thread

Such coins are traditionally referred to as "Chinese". To create a monetary talisman, coins with special holes are attached to a red thread or cord. You can place a lot of coins at home or in the office, decorate a pot with them, or put them in your wallet. Coins, as a manifestation of monetary energy, attract wealth, and the red color of the cord or ribbon enhances their effect.

The fountain

The energy of abundance lies in the Chinese fountain, which symbolizes the flow of money into your house. The fountain of fortune can be depicted in the picture, with small indoor fountains in the southeastern sector of the house - the wealth zone where points are activated to attract financial luck.

an icon as a symbol of a money fountain and an amulet of luck

Goldfish aquarium

One important Chinese symbol of luck is goldfish, and live fish bring life to the aquarium. The aquarium is located in the southeast, so the energy of the money stays in your home.

Money talismans and amulets attract material wealth and multiply their profits. Proper handling, cleaning and recharging, combined with the owner’s belief in good luck, creates a financial flow towards you, ensuring stability and profit in all matters.