DIY amulet for luck and wealth

Why does one turn to various artifacts for help: talismans, charms, amulets? In difficult situations, you need to feel support from the outside because it is easier to cope with the difficulties that arise.

a bag of money as a symbol of the amulet of fortune

A self-made talisman or amulet achieves even more power for luck and wealth than a purchased one - even the most beautiful and valuable amulet. When one places his soul in an amulet and makes it with his own hands, he endows the thing with exceptional magical qualities. The amulet is impregnated with energy and replenished to perform the assigned tasks. Such amulets are definitely more effective than purchased. Achieving success in business, finance and career with a special homemade amulet is much easier and faster. The amulet can be made of improvised tools, the main condition is the way of thinking about success.

Magical wax

Making amucs for luck and wealth from wax by hand is not difficult at all. You have to pick a green little candle and wait for the rising moon. We put a candle in a glass, light it, and while it burns, we whisper our desires to it.

Fire is a good information carrier, so when a candle burns out, the wax contains enough information. Wait for the wax to cool and place it in a linen bag. You need to take the talisman with you until you feel the financial changes you want.

Let's talk about a coin

The ancient rite of "amulet is a coin for luck" helped medieval merchants in business. It is also suitable for modern entrepreneurs to attract money and customers. Making such an amulet is not difficult at all. You must select a coin with a face value of "one". Maybe a ruble or a dozen rubles. On the rising moon, you should speak to the coin in these words:

"Bring me gold, silver. I will be rich, I do not know trouble and evil! I turn to you, I trust in your mercy! "

Repeat these words six times and place the enchanted coin in the next compartment of your wallet or purse. It will soon start "working" and bring good benefits to the owner.

Good luck bag

From a woolen fabric, preferably red, we sew a small bag measuring 10/10 inches. We take a coin from each denomination, put it in a bag, and say:

"Coin for a coin - it will be a ruble, then a million! "

Then tie a bag and hide it in a secluded place. Take it out once a week and hold it in the palm of your hand for a few minutes.

We use natural stones according to the signs of the zodiac

You can use natural minerals as a talisman for luck, wealth and fortune. But first you need to find out which stone is suitable for whom:

  • Moonstone - to Aquarius;
  • Heliotrope for rams;
  • Beryl for the twins;
  • Agate - for calves;
  • Malachit - to fish;
  • The diamond belongs to the virgins;
  • Amber - for lions;
  • Cat's eye - for scorpions;
  • Calcin - for cancers;
  • Turquoise for archers;
  • Rubin - Capricorn;
  • Emerald - for scales;
ruby stone as a talisman of fortune

You must carry a suitable stone in your pocket or purse. It is allowed to wear jewelry with a suitable stone. These luck and money amulets work flawlessly.

We turn to the elements for help

This amulet for health, good luck and good luck with your own hands is one of the most effective. To create it, you need to take a medium-width red satin ribbon so that the images of the elements can easily fit on it. We also need fibers of different colors: blue - like water, gray - like wind, yellow - like fire, gold - like sun, brown - like earth.

All items are embroidered on the ribbon as shown. Such a ribbon can be tied to your family before a difficult and dangerous journey like a talisman. The talisman works not only for wealth - it also protects against tearing.

Chinese amulets

God wants it as a talisman of good fortune

An entire Chinese science - feng shui - dedicates the correct arrangement of things and furniture in a house so that the energy of luck and wealth can easily circulate around the house. From then on, the custom of storing a toad in the house helped the owners to reproduce and attract money. And with the naked torso of a fat monk, he became a symbol of prosperity.

This Chinese dummy has magical properties - if you rub your belly, it will definitely bring double luck and abundance into the house. It can attract money and Chinese goldfish. These options are suitable for enhancing the effect of DIY amulets.

Powerful money amulet

How to make a lucky spell out of an old coin? The ancient money of tsarist times has special energy and fits best as a component of amulets of happiness, luck and money. In addition to the coin, we also need a silver thread or a thin braid.

The coin is connected crosswise with a thread and used to tie the amulet around our neck. You can wear such a talisman under clothes so as not to attract too much attention from envious people. This will help increase your revenue.

Talismans knots

To make this amulet by hand with our own luck, we need a piece of blue fabric and a leather lace. We tie the material with string and slander to each knot:

"A lot for luck, another for the right word, a third for evil! "

It is convenient to carry such a mascot in your pocket or bag. He works to attract money and profitable relationships.

Talisman "Lucky Walnut"

nuts as a lucky talisman

We take a whole walnut, chop it carefully, remove the grains. We leave two whole shells. We write our desires on a piece of paper, put it in walnuts and glue it with glue, not forgetting the first thread of the thread.

It is not difficult to create such a charm and the results will be impressive. This talisman can be worn around the neck or pocket.

Some more simple talismans:

  • Apply signs to attract money to household items using a marker or even nail polish (pentograms, hieroglyphs);
  • Natural stones, bird feathers, dried flowers and herbs, cedar or spruce twigs can be excellent amulets for luck, health and wealth;
  • DIY figurines made of clay, wood, dough, wax.

Any item you like can be your talisman and amulet. Probably we all have things to do with a good day, a good shopping, a successful exam, a crucial meeting. We can safely call these things our talismans. And endow them with magical properties. A favorite photo or a gifted ring can successfully become amulets if you talk about them correctly for the sake of luck and wealth.

Some tips to save money

It is very important that we not only attract money into the house, but also keep it. By applying simple rules, you can multiply your wealth many times over.

What not to do:

  • borrow borrow money on Sunday;
  • empty the trash in the evening;
  • cut your hair yourself;
  • counting money after sunset;
  • to buy and regret;
  • start cleaning in the evening;
  • transfer the threshold;
  • sweep the bread crumbs off the table with a newspaper or by hand.
horseshoe as an amulet of happiness

By following these rules, you can save and increase your finances.

What you can do:

  • to repay the debt in smaller denominations than were taken away;
  • to repay the debt on the waning moon and undertake an increasing one;
  • treat money with respect, do not crease or throw it around;
  • rejoice in every bill that comes to you;
  • give with your right hand, with your left.

The horseshoe is a very strong talisman of luck and money. If you nail the inside of the door so that it looks like a bowl and talk to it:

"As this glass is full, so should my house! "

It brings abundance and wealth to your home. The horseshoe must be real, which the horse actually wore.

We plant money trees

money tree in a pot like an amulet of fortune

This plant is called a money tree, although it is scientifically called a bastard. It has long been considered a symbol and talisman of luck and money. It brings wealth and luxury to your home. But don’t rush to the store in a hurry to buy this flower. In order to start working for you, you need to take a jerk from a fat woman in a wealthy house. So he is already burdened with wealth and full of wealth and money. It is worth burying three coins at the bottom of the pot and only then planting the process. Opinions on this method of planting prove its effectiveness. Many advise you to slander your financial desires on the tree and fill it with your thoughts. It is worth taking care of a flower very carefully and carefully - after all, it takes care of your future well-being.

In any case, you have to believe in talismans, otherwise they can’t help you. Everyone can make it at home, but only the person who is really thirsty for money and good luck can fill it with the necessary energy. Faith and hope are the main drivers of any process. And for example, making money in particular.