How to make a lucky amulet for yourself

Amulet to attract luck

Talismans and amulets have been used by people for good luck since ancient times. Magic gizmos remain popular among lovers of magic and esotericism in our time. Some never divorce them, others wear them in certain life situations, and others turn to magical help for constant failures. You can make an amulet for luck with your own hands, or you can buy it and sometimes just find it.

Good luck charm

Luck plays a very important role in a person’s life. After all, lucky people not only live much better, but also get much more joy from this life than those who are catastrophically unhappy in everything. And it’s not just about luck in a particular area.

Anyone dreamed of winning the lottery, finding something valuable on the street, or getting lucky. But unfortunately, only a few are lucky enough to have their own secrets to attracting luck.

And often talismans become a secret you can even make with your own hands. If you’re wondering how to make an amulet for good luck, you’re on the right track. The tiny amulet of fortune will be the result of hard work and will always accompany you in life, attract positive events and protect you from trouble.

Selecting a magical amulet

The magical items that bring good luck can be of many kinds: they were accidentally found and made by themselves. The amulets and talismans found appear in man by chance and are immediately associated with positive moments.

The four-leaf clover is one of the most valuable lucky spells

A coin, horseshoe, or any other object you accidentally find that you associate with something pleasant and good will be a wonderful companion. Such amulets do not involve any activation operation for good luck, it is sufficient to hold the amulet in your hand more often and take good care of it.

You can make a talisman that will bring you good luck. To do this, you need to decide on the material and shape of the magic object and activate it. This is usually done by simple conspiracy and regular filling of the amulet by hand, thereby transmitting energy.

It’s no secret that talismans and amulets can also be bought in specialty stores. If you decide to acquire a magical item this way, you will need to activate it and recharge it after purchasing it.

Amulets of fortune, no matter what method you choose to obtain it, are an effective and efficient amulet that attracts positive emotions and events into your life.

Candle magic element

It’s not hard to make a little luck amulet: just perform a simple ceremony with candles and a glass. You will need a candle, a glass and a small cloth bag to perform the ritual.

You can only make a talisman at full moon, and you have to do everything with your own hands and only yourself. At midnight, place a glass in front of you on the table and put a candle in it. A candle from a new box, light a candle and hold the bottle with your hands.

While holding a glass, read the magic words three times:

"There is an island in the distant sea, the blue sea.
There is a high mountain on the island,
There is a deep hole in the high mountain,
And there are black devils in that hole
Curses and failures come to people.
I am reassured, God’s servant (name) to these devils.
Don’t send me misfortunes and bad weather.
Meanwhile, the fire is with me - good luck with me. "

If you read the magic words three times, let the candle burn out. And from the remaining wax, select a few pieces of your choice and put them in a tissue bag. This bag will be your amulet.

Talismans made by this method must be charged within twelve days by picking up the object and holding for a few minutes. It is recommended that this procedure be performed at least every two weeks after twelve days. You should always take the bag with you.

Good luck made of stone

A stone filled with luck is a great amulet of luck.

Amulets and talismans made of stone are considered very common. You can make such a charm from almost any stone, enough if you like pebbles. Among people, an object laden with such luck is called - a great amulet of luck.

Suppose you already have a pebble like this that will be your amulet. To activate, you must walk around, holding a stone, a spring, or a small pond in your hand three times counterclockwise.

As you walk around, think about what you are dreaming of. This way the stone is recharged with its energy and gets installed.

Take the amulet more often in the next seven days. Always take a pebble with you and handle it with care.

Amulet for financial well-being

For financial well-being, handmade magic items or found coins are most commonly used. You should prefer a coin that you can find anywhere outside of the intersection.

Under no circumstances should you use things picked up at a crossroads for the ceremony, as they can carry negative energy and often happen in rituals for deliverance.

The coin found should be kept in holy water for three days, then read the magic words on it:

"I found a coin and brought a thousand with you! "

The magic words must be repeated seven times. When you finish the ceremony, always try to keep the coin with you and don’t show it to anyone.

How to top up your purchased magic item

If you decide to buy an amulet that will bring you luck, a prerequisite after the purchase is to perform the activation rite. Talismans and charms can be activated with three church candles, and this must be done late at night.

Light candles at midnight and make a triangle out of them. Place the talisman in the center of the triangle.

Saying the following about the magical object, say the following words:

"Now my talisman, my destiny!
It brings me good luck and good luck
Troubles and bad weather will take you away. "

The words need to be repeated three times, after which you need to take the talisman in your hands and hold for a few minutes, concentrating on your desires.

The activation ceremony is now complete. However, to recharge the battery, hold the amulet in your hand for a few minutes for seven days. So the talisman will get used to you and it will be full of energy.

Talismans and amulets have helped people attract positive events into their lives for thousands of years and protect themselves from negative shocks. You can make a magical item with your own hands and buy it in a specialty store. However, no matter what method you use to obtain the amulet, it needs to be recharged and activated.

What is a talisman?

Sometimes it is not necessary to make an amulet as it can be found by itself. Moreover, such an item can not only be picked up but also bought. More often, the acquisition is not accidental - it attracted people: color, shape, additional elements.

Anything can become a talisman as long as the owner likes it. Used as talismans:

  • fabric things;
  • costume jewelery;
  • souvenirs of various materials;
  • precious stones, semi-precious stones;
  • Leather products;
  • horseshoes, coins;
  • trees, flowers;
  • Jewelry.

In order for a talisman to be useful, it must be made from natural ingredients. Only they can make a connection between man and the natural world, the elements.

How does a talisman work?

The effectiveness of spells for good luck has not been proven by ancient legends, beliefs, legends or parables, but by real scientific research.

Researchers at the University of Cologne conducted a series of experiments in which volunteer students participated. They went through the tasks with difficult questions and riddles. Some were lucky spells, others without them. According to the results of the tests performed, the researchers found that the first group was more fortunate. Their results were 30% better.

What talisman brings good luck?

According to esotericists, the magic of luck can be:

  • accidentally found;
  • bought;
  • received as a gift;
  • handmade.

The first group includes shells, stones, coins. One of the most valuable species is the four-leaf clover. Most often, the objects found are chained in a metal shell, hung on an arm or neck. Such a supplement keeps bringing good luck.

Homemade amulets are most effective because when you create a person, you put a piece of your soul into an object. The effectiveness of such an amulet depends on the mood of the master.

Amulet according to the zodiac sign

When choosing a talisman of good luck, you need to consider the sign of the zodiac:

  1. Aries are suitable for metal rods, gilded coins, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings.
  2. For the Bull, it is better to choose animal figures made of natural materials - goat, cat, bull, monkey, dog, elephant.
  3. Gemini has to choose special amulets, different symbols. The best option is a mask, crossed arms, lock, key, snake.
  4. In the case of crabs, figures of animals or objects are relevant. You can give a figure in the form of a crab, fan, card, goldfish, umbrella.
  5. The best solution for lions is an eagle or lion head. It should be golden.
  6. The Virgin can be presented with a banknote, notebook, personal diary, jewelry, initials engraved.
  7. It’s better to hand over the scales to memorable amulets - an old precious mineral in the frame, rare trinkets, coffins made of expensive species of wood.
  8. Calmness and serenity are important to Scorpios. The best options are the eagle, the frog, the pyramid, the scorpion.
  9. It is better for Sagittarius to choose the figures of dogs, horses and scarabs.
  10. Turtles, goats and stairs are suitable for goats. It is desirable that they be made of metal.
  11. The most important thing for Aquarius is to maintain spiritual peace. Therefore, it is better to choose the shapes of an airplane, a bird, wings, a parachute, an airship, a kite, a helicopter.
  12. It is better for fish to choose figures of marine life: star, shell, boat, boat, anchor, squid, oar.

The figures can be made of metals, stones, porcelain, glass.

A talisman for good luck and activation

You can use the magic of the four elements to activate the amulet to attract luck. If you are performing a ceremony at home, you will need to perform several actions:

  1. Collect some water near the house. Buy a candle in the temple, consecrate the liquid.
  2. Bury the amulet in the ground and ask the item in mind to transfer a force to the subject.
  3. Shake the ground, lower the object under water, ask the battery to give magic power to the talisman.
  4. Hold the talisman over the candle flame for a few seconds and ask the fire for some strength.
  5. He puts the amulet in fresh air so that the wind can blow around him all day.

Fortunately, you can fill it with moonlight to improve the talisman. To do this, place it so that the moonlight falls on it all night. Charging is required every month.

Choosing a talisman for good luck

You have different types of ritual props, accessories, amulets, charms. Each has its own property, property.


The simplest but most effective amulet to attract luck. Made of natural fiber. To make a supplement to your luck, you need to perform a number of steps:

  1. Knit 9 knots on one thread.
  2. When performing manipulations, think about which area of life you should be lucky with.
  3. Hide the finished talisman. It is better to always keep it with you until the wish comes true. You can hide a package in your wallet, especially if you need luck on financial matters.

It is strictly forbidden to transfer the site to other persons.


These are powerful sacred objects for divination, for dark love spells that attract luck. The scope of the talisman depends on the material of the rune:

  • animal teeth, bones - black magic;
  • clay - divination;
  • genuine leather - enrichment;
  • stone, wood are versatile materials.

To attract luck, it is enough to collect uruz, yer, ansuz runes in a silk bag. After that, it should be tied with a red ribbon, carried with you constantly.


One of the simplest yet effective luck charms is a filled sachet. To create it, you need to prepare:

  • box of matches;
  • church candle;
  • 500 ml of water;
  • cloth bag;
  • paper bag.

Creation process:

  1. Put the candle in an empty glass, pour water on it.
  2. Light a flame, ask in your mind what you want to get out of life, what you need to be lucky with.
  3. Put the candle away.
  4. Choose the one you like best from the floating wax pieces, put it in a regular bag, roll it up and put it in a textile bag.

Take the talisman with you without showing it to anyone.

Types of talismans

The amulet can be purchased, found or made by hand. Homemade products are considered to be the most effective because one puts a piece of one’s soul into production.

Homemade amulets

When making talismans, it is important to follow a number of rules:

  • just sit down to work in a good mood;
  • use only natural materials;
  • make a talisman with love, longing, put your soul in it;
  • after its preparation, read Our Father's prayer, drink 3 sips of holy water;
  • perform all operations alone;
  • do not show the amulet to others, take it with you.

Lucky amulet baby

These amulets were made of straw, burlap, fabric, and thread. It is important that the ingredients are natural. When attaching separate parts, do not use sharp tools: scissors, hook, pin, knitting needle.

Wax amulet good luck

Stages of creation:

  1. Buy candles in the church.
  2. Light up in a dark room at midnight.
  3. Looking into the flames, ask the higher powers for help in business.
  4. Apply wax to any flat surface.
  5. Wait for the wax to solidify, wrap it in a clean handkerchief and take it with you.

The rune of luck

Production principles:

  1. Cut a white rune with a knife on a wooden plate (oak, maple, ash, birch).
  2. Cover the plate with varnish.
  3. Wrap the dried rune in clean paper.

Carry it in your inside pocket or wallet.

Amulet threads

Manufacturing process:

  1. Yarn preparation - 5 undyed natural and 1 red wool yarn.
  2. Knit colorless threads with red in the middle.
  3. Do 9 knots, think about what you want best.

Hide from others. It is better to wear the amulet close to the heart.

Coin - money magnet

It is very easy to make a lucky spell out of a coin. To do this, put it in water, take out the saucer under the rays of the full moon, and say:

"As the surface of the water is filled with moonlight, so my life will be filled with wealth, good luck. "

In the morning, take the coin out of the water and transfer it to your wallet. The amulet should not be shown to strangers.

Happy artifacts

Such elements include:

  • coins of different denominations;
  • precious or semi-precious stones;
  • Four-leaf clover;
  • horseshoes, iron rods, shells, acorns.

Before use, the find should be cleaned with holy water and prayer.

Its natural lucky charm

Our ancestors respected the relationship between man and nature the most. Therefore, many plants, the fruits of trees, have been filled with magical energy to attract good luck.

Acorns or walnuts

Oak is a magical tree. This is why residents of many countries consider acorns as a talisman for good luck. This amulet is a symbol of longevity and fertility. If a couple couldn’t get pregnant, they had to put an acorn twig under the mattress. After a while, an heir appeared. Because oak is considered a male tree, its fruits helped get rid of impotence.

They were gathered under the trees to take with them to an important event. However, it was impossible to deliberately remove the fruit from the tree. Only fruits that were already lying on the ground could be bought and they had time to gain energy from it. If a nut fell on a person, it symbolized the advancement of the career ladder.


The inhabitants of China believed that the plant attracts luck, fortune and love, protects its owner from plagues, misfortunes and diseases. Its growth was identified with the all-encompassing development of the inhabitants of the house, and the strength of the stems was identified by its resistance to the difficulties of life. It was also believed that bamboo would help achieve harmony and peace between husband and wife.

Followers of the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui suggest that the number of stems be chosen depending on the lucky number of man.

Golden garlic

A symbol of prosperity and luck. According to legend, he could protect man from various curses, from the evil eye, and he could fulfill all desires. Translated from China, "golden garlic" is a continuous flow of money. Therefore, it is believed to attract wealth to the family.

Many people understand luck as the well-being of money. Therefore, many talismans of prosperity have appeared in the world.

Every nation has a role to play in good fortune. Although they are all made of different materials, they have a similar effect. If you know how magic energy works, you can make a talisman yourself.