Good luck: 13 lucky talisman items for everyone

What brings good luck? There are objects that have been tested by time and different peoples, symbols that have been perfectly proven in such a role. Here are 13 lucky talismans that can attract Lady Fortune’s favor.

cats as amulets of fortune

Many people know from personal experience that even the simplest object can bring good luck. Someone’s teddy bear with his ears torn off, his grandmother’s brooch, someone else’s deck card, or a certain number.

Such personal amulets that bring good luck (or more accurately talismans when it comes to attracting luck) can be dark and dark, and all will work. But what if the "object" has not yet been found and defined? To put at your service things that have enjoyed a good reputation for centuries and in different parts of the world!

If you know exactly what brings luck, you can find a very wide range of practical applications of this theoretical knowledge. Looking for gifts, wallpapers on your computer desktop, pictures that bring good luck? Use our tips to choose your search direction. Images of the objects and phenomena described below can easily turn into tattoos that bring good luck. You can carry them in your pocket or bag in the form of an amulet or talisman, or place them on the shelf or table of the house. . . - There are many possibilities. But more to the point! So what brings good luck to our lives according to old beliefs?


The acorn has long been a symbol of strength, power, energy and the achievement of long-term goals. Consider the old European proverb that huge oaks grow from small acorns. The acorn is the fruit of the oak and is associated with the planet Jupiter and the magic of prosperity.


Looking for lucky symbols? The uterus has been an impersonator of wealth and luck since ancient times. If you wear your logo, your image, you will surely be blessed with serious success. The uterus is the messenger of the ancient gods, and its hum was seen as the voice of the Great Goddess herself.

Singing bird

The songbird is considered another traditional live sign that brings good luck. Wearing a bird-shaped talisman gives enthusiasm and joyful energy to life. Otherwise, it may shed light on old European sayings: "Happy as a bird" or "Happy as a bird. "


The butterfly symbolizes the magic of the fulfillment of desires and prosperity. Butterflies are not "born" in this form, but are transformed, transformed from one being to another. Thanks to the image of such an insect, the fate and energy of man can be changed in a good way.

For sale a butterfly pendant with a pentagram in the middle. Makeover, well-being and magic - in a beautiful ornament. Or you can make a butterfly tattoo that will bring good luck.


The cat is considered a symbol of luck in many magical cultures. In the United States, seeing a white cat indicates prosperity, while in Britain, a black cat is called to bring good luck. Like the "inviting cat, " the maneki-neko is a symbolic animal that brings prosperity to Japanese culture. This cat invites well-being into your home or business by nodding a raised paw.

Feng shui coins

feng shui coin for lucky talisman

Let's continue the theme of the East. His beliefs suggest many kinds of things that bring good luck, but we only mention one. It is a traditional feng shui tool that is said to increase well-being, well-being. It consists of three feng shui coins connected by a red ribbon or cord. Take them in your pocket or purse. The coins themselves resemble ancient Chinese money - with a round and square hole in it. It symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth. Chinese feng shui coins have worked well in all kinds of rituals for well-being, and it’s good to always have them on hand for good luck.

Four-leaf clover

Finding such a person is the grace of fate. The four-leaf clover symbolizes faith, hope, love and prosperity. It is said that the Druids believed that while approaching clover, evil spirits could be noticed. This may explain the public belief that wearing such a flower deters misfortune and provides magical protection.

Fatima's hand

It is an ancient amulet known in many magical cultures around the world. Open right palm shaped, fingers tied together and pointing down. This object brings prosperity, strength and power to the wearer, protects it from the evil eye. Often Fatima's hands are decorated with eyes on the palms, six-pointed stars and beautiful ornaments on the fingers.

A little tip on the subject: if you want to stop the evil directed at you, put your right hand down and lift your fingers up a little and spread them out a little. Push the negativity back to the source, maintaining a stable, decisive posture, and say these words mentally, "Speak with your hands! ".


A huge number of people, when asked what brings luck, immediately exclaimed without hesitation, "Horseshoe! " Nailed vertically above the front door, it was always considered a sign of luck and well-being for the whole family. This popular symbol of good luck has always hung upwards from the old world - then prosperity will never end. The only place where the horseshoe has to be hung upside down is in the blacksmith shop: then all success and luck remains in the blacksmith shop itself.

You can also place the horseshoe upside down in the north corner of your home or work area to improve your well-being and positively affect the mental energy of the building and the room.

Among other things, the horseshoe is believed to bring good luck because it resembles a rising moon in shape. It can also be used as a subtle symbol of the moon goddess in a home or place where someone does business.


ladybug as a lucky talisman

Many cultures see the ladybug as a favorable omen. If it sits on your hand, it is seen as a sign of good luck, a symbol of the prosperity and blessing of good fairies.

Because ladybugs eat pests (such as aphids), their presence in the garden is just as gratifying for gardeners and gardeners. As a useful insect, ladybugs have long enjoyed human compassion. After all, their presence in the field proclaimed a very generous harvest.

The seven-spotted ladybug was a class of a good sorceress and found at least one such special success.

Week (number)

The week is a lucky number that brings good luck in many cultures and magical traditions. In ancient times it was believed that there were seven planets. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Pythagoreans called the week the number of perfection. In Buddhism, seven is the number of attaining a special state. We also have seven seas and seven chakras, seven rows in the periodic table of chemical elements, seven colors of the rainbow, and seven days of the week. . . - in general, this number enjoys special respect among mankind.


The rainbow is not just a sign of hope. She is also a symbol of the Greek goddess of hope, Iris. The winged goddess used the rainbow between Olympus and the earth.

If you are lucky enough to see a double rainbow, it will double your joy and luck. Among other things, there are seven colors of the rainbow, and seven, as already mentioned, is the "classic" lucky number.

Three keys (parentheses)

We have one such symbol that brings good luck, not very common today. Meanwhile, three keys or locks that stand together are the ancient incarnations of health, wealth, and love. Tradition associates such a talisman with Hecate, the queen of witches.

You can make yourself a pretty, thin magic necklace or bracelet from three small amulets in the form of a key or master key. Find them in craft stores, jewelry stores and other stores. And good luck not only in your search, but in life too!

Knowing what brings you luck, you can get a simple, affordable, but no less magical item - a picture, a tattoo, a statuette, wallpaper, and more. etc. - and dare to rush into battle to make Luck more likely.