Coin-shaped amulet to attract money: how to choose a money talisman

four-leaf clover as an amulet of fortune

Honestly, we all dream of wealth. We wish this to each other for every holiday and we will do our best to bring it closer. In this, it helps someone to visualize a specific dream, such as a house on the ocean. Someone is using talismans. And the most logical thing, in our opinion, is to attract money with money. Therefore, today we will talk about coin-shaped amulets.

The meaning of the amulet in the form of a coin

The mascot of money is obviously used to attract wealth. The most popular is the Tibetan amulet coin, surrounded by many legends and traditions. It is believed that one of the monks handed over the talisman to the ruler and spoke of the success of state affairs. Since then, each member of the ruling dynasty has been told their own coin to protect them. During the revolution, conspiracies and prayers were lost. It is not known whether the coins say the same words today, but they believe in their power and carry it with them. Some are so lucky to find a coin from that time.

silver coin as an amulet of fortune

The imperial coin (the Tibetan amulet coin also bears this name) usually has a hole in the middle. An amulet of luck and wealth can help if you run into some financial hardship, such as a business dispute or job loss. Esoterics in particular are advised to look at the talisman for those who are regularly persecuted by failures. Even if you simply don’t feel the efficiency and diligence you need (not because you’re lazy, but because you feel tired or discouraged), the attractive coin amulet will remind you to gather strength and help. you will find.

Not everything has to be bad to use the talisman. It’s enough to wish for wealth, make an effort to do so, and believe that the amulet will help. Thus, the coin can help you negotiate a pay raise with your bosses or lead to a big, profitable project you’ve long dreamed of. Some suspicious people who endow their talismans with amazing qualities tell us that a simple coin with a hole in the middle helped them completely change their field of activity and thus get rich. After all, it is not in vain that they say that the craft and the profession that you love bring more money.

How to make an amulet coin to attract money with your own hands

Making a talisman from a coin with your own hands is problematic - for obvious reasons. Moreover, as explained above, you can’t pick up any currency to bring good luck. It’s best to order yourself an amulet from a royal coin from people who make talismans. They will talk to them and set them up to bring wealth into the house. If possible, try to find out from them where the coins are coming from, read the reviews, maybe really agree with them to make sure the talisman they want to sell you is from the same era. It’s unlikely that something bad will happen if a "piece" is sold, but I want the product I bought to be useful and enjoyable.

Chinese coin as a talisman of fortune

How to top up a money amulet

As with any amulet, it is important to keep in touch with the Imperial coin. Take it with you, preferably in a special case. If you don’t want to take it away all the time, or feel uncomfortable with it, at least more often try to hold the amulet in your hand, breathe on it, warm it up, and "exchange energy".

The most important thing is that when you do this, throw away all thoughts and focus only on what you desire in terms of wealth. Think positively, as if everything has already come true, formulate specific goals: "I want to be rich" is too clear a wish. Rather, it is worth "asking" for a specific house or even a specific amount on the bill. If you trust talismans, you probably know that the clearer you make your requests, the faster they will be fulfilled.

The first night, after the amulet is in your hand, place it under your pillow. It’s better not to show it to anyone, not even relatives, not to talk about it. This little helper should only be yours and no one else’s. In fact, no one should hold it in your hand and pass it on! It is generally accepted that this is how the amulet loses its magical properties.

money toad as an amulet of well-being

We do not recommend wearing it so that it is visible. If you want to use the coin as a pendant, make sure it is invisible.

The most important thing is to believe that the amulet coin helps, but at the same time don’t just rely on it. Think of it as a helper, not some universal enrichment tool. Unfortunately (or fortunately) nothing will succeed without your efforts.