How to make yourself a working talisman for good luck

Since ancient times, people believe that certain objects can protect them from dangers, diseases, and black magic, attracting luck, happiness, wealth, and other benefits. Such things are called talismans. It is customary to take it with you or keep it in the house so that you can be under the auspices of higher powers. People who don’t yet have a personal magic protector need to figure out how to make a talisman for themselves. Immediately after their appearance, they will feel how life began to change for the better.

Difference between a talisman and an amulet

strong talismans with their own hands

The words "amulet" and "talisman" are considered equivalent and are used synonymously.

But the difference between them, though small, is as follows:

  1. The amulet protects a person from negative magical effects, diseases and misfortunes. It can be material (chest cross, runic divorce, horseshoe over the front door, etc. ) or elusive (conspiracy, whisper).
  2. A talisman is an object with supernatural power that protects from both troubles and negative energies, attracting happiness and luck. It can be an object that is carried or kept in the house and a living thing, such as a cat.

Does a homemade mascot work

If you want to become the owner of an effective protective device, you can do it yourself.

According to esotericists, a self-made amulet has more pronounced magical properties than an amulet donated or purchased.

When one does something protective for oneself, one fills it with energy while working. As a result, the talisman begins to perceive him as a master and helps him in all matters.

But such an effect can be achieved, provided that a person makes an amulet in a good mood without holding anger or evil against anyone.

When you start radiating a negative into the universe, it fills the magical property with negative energy. Such a thing will not be able to protect you from problems and attract luck.

What talismans and amulets can be made

Amulets are made from raw materials of natural origin: wood, natural fibers, fur, leather, etc. These materials perfectly absorb the negative energies of the outside world, protecting the wearer from its destructive effects.

Wood industry

Affordable and effective material for making amulets at home. Bracelets, pendants and other magical attributes are made from it.

In order for a homemade talisman to maximize its magical properties, the energy of the material is also taken into account when making it.

Ladies are advised to choose female trees (poplar, cherry, birch, etc. ), the stronger sex - male trees (oak, hazelnut).

In addition, each tree has its own supernatural properties:

  • mountain ash protects from evil spirits;
  • the alder protects against adultery, helps good deeds;
  • cherries preserve youth;
  • the poplar protects it from evil spirits;
  • the hazelnut attracts wealth, protects it from thieves;
  • oak protects from evil eyes and curses, strengthens the energy field.
wooden talismans and charms

Each tree has its own energy and affects the amulet in its own way.


Natural hair contains the energy of a killed animal, so it should be used with caution to make an amulet. This material helps confident people who are used to taking risks and showing aggression to achieve their goals.

A harmless person with a pleasant character will not benefit from the fur amulet.

strong amulets made of fur

Fur amulets for confident people.


Skin should be treated with caution for the same reason as fur. It is not suitable for a kind-hearted person who would rather live a peaceful life with his family.

The leather amulet is chosen by those who walk at the head of the knife.

amulets and talismans made of genuine leather

Genuine leather amulet for risky people.

Burlap and natural fabric

Fabric talismans are easy to sew with your own hands. They are most often performed in the form of protective dolls. Such products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and occupation.

amulets in the form of a burlap doll

You can also make the rolled-up doll yourself.

Threads and ribbons

Natural fibers and ribbons are versatile materials from which you can make an amulet for people of any age, gender and occupation. They are used to make dolls, bracelets, car pendants and other protective features.

Herbs, flowers and berries

Many plants have magical powers that people can use to their advantage.

Properties of herbs, berries and flowers in talismans:

  • St. John's wort and hawthorn protect from evil spirits;
  • rosehip gives well-being, transforms negative energy into positive;
  • mountain ash protects against magical effects;
  • elder cures diseases, protects against witchcraft;
  • elm helps you gain valuable knowledge;
  • the verbena develops the gift of foresight, attracts the opposite sex, heals and protects from evil spirits;
  • elecampane protects against injury and the evil eye, attracts love, wards off disease;
  • ivan da marya helps to maintain love and fidelity;
  • chamomile relieves anxiety, attracts love;
  • nettle removes damage, protects from witchcraft and evil eyes, gives courage;
  • clover and sage bring good luck and prosperity.

Stones and minerals

Gemstones and semi-precious stones are not the most suitable materials for making a hand-made spell, as they require processing, which is unrealistic without special tools and skills.

But if there is such a possibility, the master must take into account the compatibility of the horoscope with the chosen gemstone.

talismans made of stones and minerals

The mineral of the talisman is selected according to the horoscope.


Beeswax has long been used to make amulets against damage, everyday problems and diseases. Candles and figures made of molten wax are also used for protection.

Salty pasta

Salt has long been famous for its ability to absorb negativity, so it is used to protect against the evil eye and witchcraft. When added to the dough, we can obtain a plastic with magical properties, which is suitable for making protective figures.

In order for the salted pasta talisman to bring the desired benefits, additional ingredients are added:

  • garlic - protects against the tricks of evil spirits;
  • sunflower seeds - used in baby amulets to protect the child from disease;
  • eggs - helps those who dream of reproduction;
  • millet - protects from the evil eye;
  • poppy - fulfills desires;
  • cereals and beans - attract wealth, give physical strength.

Rules for making a talisman or amulet for good luck

When creating a security item yourself, you must follow these rules:

  1. Perform all operations alone, do not be distracted by foreign sounds and deeds.
  2. While working, mentally communicate with the talisman, ask for help, recharge your positive energy.
  3. Create an amulet in a room lit by moonlight or sunlight. Do not sit down to work when the sky is overcast.
  4. As you work, read a prayer addressed to a guardian angel or "Our Father. "
  5. Believe in the magical power of the object being made.
rules for creating your own amulet

You need to make an amulet with a pure heart and good thoughts.

Talismans according to the zodiac sign

Astrologers advise to make a talisman, taking into account the zodiac sign of the person for whom it is intended. In this case, one will be able to feel the effect of a magical property on oneself to the maximum.

Suitable amulets for the various symbols are listed in the table.

Zodiac sign Stones Illustrations and pictures More amulets
Aries Ruby, diamond, amethyst, sapphire Sun, military symbols (weapons, armor, sword, shield, dagger, arrow) Silver
Bull Emerald, chalcedony, chrysoprase Bull, horseshoe, owl, elephant Copper
Gemini Alexandrit, topaz, agate Air symbol, snake, key, mask, wings -
Cancer Emerald, moonstone Yin and yang balance symbol, heart, crescent, cat Round necklace
a lion Ruby, citrine, topaz Lion, sun, sunflower, eagle, star, crown, torch, swan Gold coin or antique ring
Virgin Jasper, chrysolite, jade Grasshopper, owl, asters Spells made of wood and clay
Libra Tourmaline, diamond, opal Libra symbol, book, maze, butterfly, dove, sunflower -
Scorpio Aquamarine, black opal, garnet, hematite Scorpio, scarab, frog, any symbolism related to the realm of the dead -
Sagittarius Chrysolite, turquoise Lizard, star, phoenix, any harness element (saddle, horseshoe, bridle) -
Capricorn Ruby, onyx Frog, lizard, crocodile, black cat, turtle, stairs -
Aquarius Sapphire, zircon, amethyst 2 wave symbol; everything related to the air (clouds, birds, insects, airplanes), lock with key -
Pisces Chrysolite, aquamarine, amethyst Fish, jellyfish, musical instruments Beads from seashells, corals and pearls

The best home talismans and spells for good luck

You can use materials to make a homemade amulet that can be found in almost any home.

Embroidered ribbon

From time immemorial in Slavic countries, women have decorated their heads with ribbons on which protective symbols have been embroidered. Such a talisman can be made at home by any seamstress.

To do this, you will need:

  • red silk or cotton ribbon;
  • natural colored threads for embroidery;
  • needle;
  • cup.

After inserting the ribbon into the hoop, embroider images of natural objects that can protect a person from evil. These include the sun, moon, stars, earth, plants, water, and so on.

It is not at all necessary to decorate the head with a finished ribbon. It can be tied to a bag, sewed to a garment, or worn on the arm instead of a bracelet. In all cases, the tape protects the person who created it from external negativity.

protective tape with Slavic symbols

Slavic symbols on the protective tape.

Rune divorce or a rune

A powerful amulet is a piece of wood or cardboard on which protective runes or rune sticks are applied with paints.

You can use symbols such as:

  1. Algiz (protects against malicious people, envy and gossip, accidents, bankruptcy).
  2. Turisaz (protects against rumors, toxic contacts, damage, intrigues, envy).
  3. Teyvaz (protects the house and money, helps the person to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal).
  4. Isa (neutralizes the negative impact from the outside, helps the owner get out of the conflict situation with the least loss).
  5. Algiz - Odal - Algiz (for the safety of the house).
  6. Algiz - Eyvaz - Isa (the formula protects man and his family from magical influences and indicates who has committed witchcraft).

If a rune talisman is used to protect a home, it is hidden in the house. They carry a personal amulet with them, placed in a bag, pocket, or purse.

Conspiracy Ring

Good luck and good luck after buying a gift or buying a new ring.

To do this, take the jewelry in your hand and say the following conspiracy:

Ring ritual.

The ring should then be placed in a glass of spring water for 7 days with a pinch of salt added.

The enchanted ring must be worn by the one who spoke it. You cannot give to strangers, otherwise you will lose your strength.

String magic for luck

This amulet came to us from the Jewish teachings of Kabbalah. You need red wool yarn to create it. It is necessary to cut a thread that is 4-5 cm longer than the circumference of the wrist.

Tie the cut thread to the wrist of the left hand and make 7 knots (your loved one can tie it).

The corded bracelet should not be removed until it breaks on its own. This amulet protects the owner from the evil eye and attracts luck.

red thread good luck

Red thread for luck.

Paper mascot

Paper is made of wood, making it a natural material from which you can make amulets.

For a talisman that attracts luck, you will need:

  • a sheet of thick gold or yellow paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • light ink pen;
  • scissors;
  • natural wax (you can melt a church candle).

Production instructions:

  1. Draw a five-pointed star on paper at midnight.
  2. To attract luck, draw a four-leaf clover, wheel of fortune, or other luck symbol in the center of the figure.
  3. As you draw, keep saying the words, "This talisman will help you achieve (sound the goal)" or "This talisman will protect me (name). "
  4. Cut out the finished star and place in melted wax. To help you achieve what you want, always keep it close to you.

Wooden mascot

Before you can make an amulet with your own hands, you need:

  1. Go into the woods, choose a strong, thick-branched tree, and ask him for permission to cut down one.
  2. Then saw off the selected branch and leave a coin or a handful of grain under the tree as a ransom.
  3. After returning home, place the branch in a dry place for 2-3 weeks. During this time, it absorbs the energy of the apartment and the people who live in it.
  4. When the specified time has elapsed, cut a piece of wood from the branch and start making the amulet.

Step by step production:

  1. Give the sawn piece the desired shape (circle, cross, animal figure), polish it carefully. Make a hole for the rope at the top.
  2. Draw or burn the selected protective image on its surface (ancient Slavic symbol, zodiac sign, etc. ).
  3. Cover the product with walls or beeswax. Allow to dry.
  4. Route the wire through the hole.

The wooden amulets are very strong.

wooden amulets and talismans

Charm of salted pasta

To make a dough that absorbs the negative and protects the person and their home from evil, you will need:

  • 200 g flour;
  • 100 g of rock salt;
  • 100 ml of warm water.

If desired, you can add additional products to the dough mentioned above (poppy seeds, eggs, etc. ).

Production instructions:

  1. Knead a hard and elastic mass from the listed ingredients that does not stick to our hands.
  2. When the dough reaches the desired texture, form a protective figure out of it. It can be a symbol matching the zodiac sign, or a universal talisman that brings good luck (dragon, elephant, horseshoe, etc. ).
  3. Place the finished craft + 75. . . In an oven preheated to + 100 ° C and dry for 1-3 hours (the time depends on the size of the batch).
  4. If you don’t have an oven, dry the talisman outdoors, but then the process will take several days. However, it is important to protect the figure from direct sunlight, otherwise it will crack and crash.
  5. Paint the dried amulet with gouache or acrylic paints, then cover with several coats of furniture or clear manicure varnish.

Once the figure is completely dry, it can be used for defensive purposes.

amulet from elephant puff pastry

Elephant amulet made of puff pastry.

Fur talisman for good luck

You can make a brownie from real pieces of fur that will protect your home from misfortune. It can also be hidden in the car to protect it from theft and accidents.

For crafts you will need:

  • natural fur pieces;
  • foam;
  • scissors;
  • threads with needles;
  • glue;
  • eyes, nose, mouth (you can buy it in a creative store or make yourself from paper or other material).

Manufacturing process:

  1. Cut 2 circles of 10 cm in diameter from the hair, sew with the front side inwards, then turn it over. Fill the sewing part of the product with foam rubber to get a round shape. Sew on the remaining hole.
  2. Make a talisman for your face by gluing your eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Cut and sew the arms and legs from the remnants of the coat. Sew or glue them to the body of the brownie.

The finished figure should be kept in a place where it cannot be seen by strangers. In this case, you will have a reliable amulet in your home or car.

Dried herb magic

If you want to make talismans from plants, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to a clearing or forest during the rising moon. Collect herbs and flowers that will attract luck and protect you from spoilage (their properties are described above).
  2. Dry them at home.
  3. Sew a bag from a piece of burlap, fill it with dried herbs, and tie it with string or ribbon on top.

The finished talisman can be hidden in the house (sewn into a pillow, placed on a windowsill, placed near the front door) or pocketed and carried with you.

bag of herbs for the amulet

A sachet with magical herbs for magic.

What to do if the talisman doesn’t work or you can’t make it

A hand-made spell should show its magical properties within a few days of using it. If it does not work, it means that errors were made during production.

Most often, those who have made the talisman in a bad mood or distracted while working on foreign thoughts face a lack of result. In this case, you may want to try creating the magic thing again.

In a situation where you can’t make an amulet, don’t despair. You can order its production from the master or buy a ready-made protection symbol.

It is important that the object delights its owner. Then he will protect him.

Activation of the talisman

All homemade or purchased talismans must be magically charged before use. This is done using 4 elements: water, earth, air and fire.

Activation sequence:

  1. Bury the amulet in the ground for half an hour.
  2. Rinse with spring or well water.
  3. Smoke with incense or leave for half an hour in the fresh air.
  4. Hold over a burning candle or fire for 1-2 minutes.

It is advisable to complete all activation phases in one day. In the evening after the ceremony, you should place the product under the pillow and lie down. In the morning you can start using the talisman.

How to use

The amulet helps if worn properly and is regularly cleansed of the negative energy it absorbs during operation. In addition, you must learn how to say goodbye to a magical property when it no longer fulfills its protective function.


When wearing a talisman, the following rules must be followed:

  1. Try to wear the protection symbol for at least a few hours every day. The energy of the owner must be constantly supplied.
  2. Pick up or take a talisman with you every time you need the support of higher powers.
  3. No one other than the owner should wear or hold their amulet.
  4. Hide a magical thing from prying eyes. As a result, it protects the owner better and further.

Cleaning the mascot

The amulet tends to absorb the negative energy that others direct against its owner. Once overwhelmed by negativity, your defenses weaken and you stop helping.

purification of talismans with salt

The ritual of cleansing helps the talisman to restore its magical properties, which can help it get rid of the accumulated energy.

This requires:

  1. Sprinkle an even layer of salt on the bottom of the glass jar.
  2. Place the amulet in the container.
  3. Cover with salt and let stand for 12 hours, then remove and shake.

This ritual is repeated every time the amulet does not help.

The talisman can be cleaned with salt.

How to get rid of a talisman

When the amulet breaks or breaks, it indicates that it is flooded with negative energy so much that it can no longer fulfill its protective function. You need to get rid of the failed property.

This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Burn over fire or wax candle flame (suitable for fabric, paper or other well-burning material).
  2. Go to the lake and throw it into the water (this method is chosen for heavy objects that sink easily).

Before he separates from the amulet, he must thank him for all the help he has given him and apologize for having to say goodbye to him. After the ritual, you can make a new amulet for yourself.