DIY amulet for luck and financial stability

Many of us dream of being successful in business and having a decent income. And if some are earning decent amounts, the majority can only be satisfied with what they have. Did you know that money and luck can be attracted through magical powers? But someone at this time is becoming more successful and richer thanks to them.

gold bars and coins as an amulet of fortune

Representatives of the magical heavenly circle claim that money and luck can be attracted with all sorts of accessories and jewelry. It is very easy to make an amulet with your own hands for luck and money to attract these worldly possessions.

Various amulets

There are many ways to make your own amulet for money and luck. Some wizards claim that glamorous talismans or irreplaceable banknotes kept in handbags help preserve and increase wealth. Other magicians believe that jewelry and other accessories bring wealth. How to make a magic amulet with your own hands for luck and money? Is there a need for outside help from a person who deals with these professionally?

Of course, getting a talisman is not a problem. Nowadays, almost every person who loves magic can make you a custom amulet for money and luck, and you can even be charged for the full amount of work. However, you have to pay a significant amount for such a thing as such services are not cheap. What’s more, the charm that attracts luck and financial flow, filled by a magician, may not be as strong as the one you make with your own hands at home.

Does an amulet created by a wizard "work" at all? And in order not to waste money in vain, it is better to make a magical amulet with your own hands that will attract luck and money. You can then recharge your amulet with personal energy and program it to increase your well-being. And how to do it the easiest, we'll tell you a little later.

The delicacies of making a talisman of luck and money

Amulets are made of rings, necklaces, medallions, pendants, bracelets, wrist accessories. More specifically, these decorations function as objects in which the amulets are obscured by people who believe in the power of the heavenly circle. The point is that the owner does not separate from said amulet and give it to anyone. Precious stones or metals can be used to create a charm that attracts financial flow. So strong talismans are obtained from stones like onyx, turquoise, amethyst, carnelian.

new moon to earn money talisman

As for the time it takes to create these types of amulets. Wizards recommend making talismans to attract wealth and luck when a new moon appears in the sky. Some of the slanders that recharge these types of amulets are carried out at midnight. When choosing a magic ritual, we also take into account the date of birth, age and horoscope of the prospective owner of such a thing. A person’s time of birth also influences the creation of a powerful amulet by his own hands.

If we want to talk about a talisman for money, we use the help of the fire element. A flame can fill a thing with the power of batteries. When performing a magic act, it is important to follow all the rules and regulations of the wizards. And if we neglect them, the amulet will be "inoperable" and even harmful to the owner.

How belief in magic affects the power of the amulet

If you’re skeptical about that, and magic is just a word, not a single strong talisman even made at home "works". Without faith in the power of the magical heavenly circle, amulets to attract money and luck are powerless. In order for the amulet to truly bring the desired benefits, it must be regularly nurtured with positive emotions and faith. It is not in vain that they say that thoughts materialize.

To obtain a powerful amulet, you must not only become familiar with the rules of performing such rituals, but also follow the step-by-step instructions for performing them. Charging an amulet with energy is not that easy. Concentration and spiritual reunion with elements of magical deeds. But more on that later.

Lastly, to keep the amulet from becoming a simple trifle, it is highly undesirable to show it to others, even close people. Remember, magic does not tolerate publicity! And under no circumstances should you give anyone a handmade amulet and let anyone touch it. This is a very personal thing.

Amulets to attract cash flow and good luck

There are many ways to make amulets that will bring luck and money to their owner.

pendant as a talisman of fortune

We can’t take all of them into account, so we offer several options for amulets that magicians think are most effective.

Talisman amulet

A simple but effective charm can be made of wood, clay mass or thick cardboard canvas. Cut out a few circles of the same size from the suggested material. They should then be covered with golden paint and bonded with an adhesive solution, stretching a decorative tape or strong beautiful thread between them. Before talking about an amulet designed to attract cash flow and success, you need to draw signs on both sides corresponding to wealth - runes, hieroglyphs, pentacles, and so on.

Taking the finished amulet in our hands, we say the following words:

"From paper to paper, from money to money, from gold to gold. I want money to always be with me like paper. Everything I touch benefits me. And luck should always accompany this. My words are as strong as a block of stone, they cannot be broken, they cannot be torn! "

When pronouncing a magical conspiracy, we tie 3 knots to a string / string as if to close the spoken words. Instead of a paper talisman, you can hang letters or hieroglyphs on a string and upload them as you like.

If desired, photographs of the owners will be inserted into such talismans. As a result, the benefits requested by the person will be directed in his or her direction. However, to forget that magical properties need to be hidden, it is advisable to make sure that the eyes of others do not fall on the glamorous thing. For example, a closed pendant with a photo, or the photo will be hidden inside the jewelry. It all depends on your imagination and wishes.

Attracting the forces of nature

From ancient times it was believed that the gifts of nature were endowed with the power of a magical heavenly circle. If you choose the right accessory with a stone, you will find happiness and financial stability.

diamond as an amulet of prosperity

Based on the symbolism of the zodiac cycle, an amulet that attracts finances and success can be created. For example, the face of a pebble or an animal that corresponds to one sign or another of the zodiac. Stones for attracting money and success are indicated by:

  • kos - amethyst, heliotrope;
  • calf - jade, agate;
  • twins - pomegranate, beryl;
  • crab - emerald, calcite;
  • lion ruby, serpentine;
  • deva - jasper, kyanite;
  • scales - diamonds;
  • scorpion - opal, cat's eye;
  • Sagittarius - turquoise, lapis lazuli;
  • bak - onyx, malachite;
  • Aquarius - sapphire, obsidian;
  • fish - chrysolite, moonstone.

These stones are mostly able to bring success to the owner in a variety of actions, while only a small portion of them work to attract money. Therefore, to create a full-fledged amulet that attracts financial flow and luck, you need to use coins - as a source of wealth:

- A penny - the ruble will protect you!

Simple new and shiny coins, the ones you hold in high esteem and even the old ones do.

At exactly midnight, we put a coin in a plate of holy water and place it on the windowsill so that the moonlight falls on it. This allows you to not only "reward" with magical power, but to recharge to attract money and luck. In this case, the water acts as a lens, the effect of which is to increase the energy of the moon.

Then sew a cloth bag, if possible, of green, purple or turquoise, and embroider its full name with gold threads. If desired, embroider signs that contribute to increasing well-being: runes, hieroglyphs, pentacles, etc. As a result, the power of the amulet is doubled.

We put coins and a pebble in the finished bag to match your zodiac cycle. Alongside each other, these objects reinforce each other’s energy and act as a force that attracts success and wealth. Be sure to keep this pouch away from prying eyes.

Wax amulet

Talismans made of wax are considered the strongest. Therefore, you have to be careful with your desires. During the ritual, it is very undesirable to doubt the power of a magical thing, otherwise you will just lose time. Before you start making an amulet, you need to put your thoughts in order and understand yourself. Maybe you’re doing something wrong yourself and that’s why money and luck are turning away from you?

church candles talisman for money

To make your own wax amulet, first choose the right candle. It cannot be decorative and too bright. A medium sized, cheap and modest candle is a good choice. The ideal solution is a candle purchased at a church store.

It is advisable to perform the ceremony during the new moon, the first days of the hecata, when the new moon is not yet visible and there is no waning moon in the sky. It is believed that the younger the month, the stronger talismans they get.

After waiting for the Moon phase, we put a candle in a glass at exactly midnight and light it. In this case, you do not have to resort to special conspiracies. The flame emitted by the candle is enough for your desire to hear the celestial spell, because it is accompanied by a young moon. So while the candle is burning, you need to whisper the desires and goals you are striving for. Tell us about your bad feelings about the candle flame. According to wizards, this magical feature can absorb dreams and wishes as well as disturb thoughts and difficult situations into the wizard’s life.

When the candle goes out, wait until the wax cools and hardens. In the process, you can see how it takes an interesting shape with curls and patterns. In them go the wishes you have expressed.

Carefully wrap the resulting figure in a small paper envelope and always keep it closer to you. It is important that no soul knows about this amulet, so do not tell anyone about the ritual and, moreover, do not show the wax talisman.

If desired, you can use a wax amulet to make any piece of jewelry. A pendant, bracelet, pendant shows well with this element, but at the same time has a magical power that brings financial stability and success to its owner.

Four items help

To create a talisman of your own that attracts financial gain and success, you can turn to the help of the four elements. For this ritual, you will need queens of threads and a beautiful gold or turquoise ribbon. We embroider the symbols of wind, sun, moon and water with threads on a natural background. The result is a one-piece woven applique. It is highly undesirable to embroider a single symbol. Therefore, before beginning the ritual, think about how best to embroider all the symbols at once and whether you have enough time to perform the ritual from start to finish in one go.

elements money amulet

The embroidered ribbon is first given to the moonlight, allowed to lie on the windowsill all night, and then to the sun’s rays. It should then be blown by the wind and moistened from the pouring rain. Once all four elements "share" the energy with the amulet, you can use the amulet for its intended purpose.

While the ribbon "accepts" the power of the four elements as a gift, it’s important that no one but you can touch it and see it.

Money rune help

As we said a little earlier, natural materials: clay, wood, and thread are excellent helpers in transmitting positive energy and attracting the flow of money and luck. A person with creative abilities will not have a hard time making a clay figure or cutting it out of a piece of wood. However, even if you do not have such skills, there is always the possibility of creating a primitive counterfeit. Even a young teenager can create a magic that brings financial stability and success.

To make an amulet, we buy a piece of wood and a sharp knife. The log can be removed from any tree, the point is not to have a rotten and solid base. Depending on your preferences and skills, we will cut out a figure. A baby, an animal, a man, a symbol, the simplest geometric shape - your choice. The main condition is that the figure does not have sharp corners. Therefore, lovers of cubic shapes need to smooth out all the corners of the shape.

We have already laid the foundation, now we put special symbols on it - runes that bring success and wealth. The runic sign looks like this: a vertical line and a pair of flat lines extending from it are to the right of the line. One line starts in the middle of the first line and the second starts at the top.

The amulet is almost ready to use, but like any talisman, it needs to be recharged with energy. Of course, the energy you emit during the making of the amulet has considerable power, but at the same time you need to give the amulet magical power.

After filling the figure with one of the modes indicated a little later, wrap it in thread three times, making exactly three turns. This is how you consolidate the desires expressed in the figure. That was the final stage in making the do-it-yourself amulet "do it yourself. " Now the point is to always be with you.

How to properly fill amulets

There are many ways to recharge your own talismans. Consider the most common:

  1. In order for the amulet to take over the energy of the owner, put it under the pillow before going to bed and try to think only of the positive moments. Imagine the desires and goals you are striving for. Imagine how rich you will be and what luck will accompany you in every attempt.
  2. Handmade talismans are left overnight. It is important to choose the right moon phase. So amulets loaded during the rising moon have the greatest power. This lunar phase not only maintains good luck and the owner’s financial stability for the amulet, but also increases all revenue.
  3. Another way to recharge talismans is through conspiracy. We take the amulet in our left hand, cover it with our right side, and say the words, "The amulet was made for the servant of God (name), born (date of birth). I fill. This will help you attract money and luck. To help in life and protect it from all kinds of misfortunes, to preserve health, to promise benefits, to bring happiness, to help in everything along the way of life. My words are as strong as a block of stone, they cannot be broken, they cannot be cut. Be as you please! "
  4. Visualization is a good way to energize an amulet. We take a talisman in our hands and transfer inner energy on a mental level and also indicate what you expect and want from a magic item. We are endowed not only with positive thoughts, but also with faith in its effectiveness, for without it the talisman is a futile thing.
  5. Help of wizards and wizards. Those who practice magic professionally may charge an amulet for a certain cash reward.

It is important to note that no one but you will endow the amulet with the power that lies in your own handmade talismans.

We wish you good health, success, good luck and a good mood!