Feng Shui amulets and talismans for wealth

We all dream of a rich life and a stable income. It is in our power to "push" ourselves a little towards that goal. Since ancient times, people have believed in the power of talismans, using them to gain power and wealth. In the modern world, amulets are no less popular, people believe in their magic. The talisman of wealth helps to attract financial success.

Types of talismans and amulets

The talisman of wealth can be purchased at specialty stores, or better yet, made by hand from wood, beads, fabric, and other handy materials. It is better to make amulets on a rising moon to multiply the money. The talismans of wealth admire variety, types, shapes, and shades.

Three-legged toad

The three-legged toad symbolizes prosperity and financial well-being. It is most often depicted sitting on a pile of coins or stumps. It must have a free-to-remove coin in the mouth. The belief is that if a toad squeezes a coin out of its mouth, it can expect quick revenue.

a three-legged toad as an amulet of fortune

The three-legged toad is made of different materials: gold, bronze, jade, etc. Decorated with precious stones on request.

For the talisman to work, place the toad with its muzzle in the room. You can make a bigger impact by planting an amphibian near a fountain or aquarium. Watch out for the talisman and believe in it.


One of the talismans of abundance is Hotei - the god of wealth. The statuette is made of clay, wood, plaster and stone.

Hotei's figure has a different meaning depending on the way it is depicted:

  • Riding on a three-legged toad is a powerful talisman to attract money because both symbolize wealth.
  • Together with the children, God allows the children to be fed.
  • Holding a fan, a pearl, a rocker, a bag, a rosary, a chalice in your hand contributes to material growth, teaches you to invest wisely, to spend money.
  • With the dragon, this will be the key to material prosperity, good luck.
  • To help Hotein even more, don’t forget to stroke your big belly clockwise.
figure wants like an amulet of luck


In Feng Shui, the fountains are located in the welfare sector, which is located in the southeast. The stronger the water flow, the more the energy of success, prosperity, material prosperity spreads. The mascot of home and wealth will also be a painting depicting a waterfall or fountain.

Abundance bowl

The bowl of wealth is a symbol of stability and prosperity. It is made of gold, silver, copper, ceramics and crystals. The glass or plastic container does not work. The cup of wealth is rounded, tapering at the top and bottom. Be sure to cover it so that the money does not disappear.

We put a red scarf at the bottom of the bowl as it is the color of success and prosperity. It is full of Chinese coins that are linked, or nine separate coins. Ask a rich man for a handful of land, put it in a bag, and put it there, so the profit grows. The bowl should be filled to the top with the addition of a Hotei, elephant, gold figure. Place it on the southeast side of the bedroom, but away from prying eyes. Keep the glass of wealth a secret, then the talisman will work in the right direction.

Chinese coins

Chinese coins symbolize abundance, attracting wealth, prosperity. Connect the coins with a red thread. You can always take such a talisman with you, but replace the bundle every year or rinse it with salt water.

Money tree

The fat woman or krasula is a symbol of family income. It is better to grow such a flower alone from a small shoot. In order for the tree to help more effectively, three coins are placed under the flowerpot. You can hang the same number of coins on an adult plant after previously connecting them with red thread. The further the tree grows, the greater the benefit. The artificial tree is also considered a money tree, it is made of wire and iron, on the branches of which coins or precious stones hang.

money tree as a talisman of prosperity


The horseshoe is hung with horns above the front door. It brings happiness, success into the house, and protects the house from negativity, evil people.


The talisman dog is a symbol of good news, joy, kindness, and prosperity. The animal can be in the form of a figure, embroidery, painting. Watch out for such a talisman because the dog is friendly and loves to be taken care of.

Money bag

On the rising moon, coins, gems, or semi-precious stones are placed in a bag. Write a comment explaining why you need the money. Tie the bag with string. Such a talisman can be taken with you for early gain.


The bell cleanses the house of the evil eye, of negativity, it attracts wealth. Hang the bell on a red thread to make the energy even stronger.


The fish symbolizes wealth, prosperity, prosperity. The goldfish in the aquarium will be a powerful talisman of financial prosperity. The inhabitant of the waters should be healthy and well fed.

For the talisman to work, place it in the north or southeast of the house. Pictures, calendars and figures depicting fish also help material wealth.

Orange and lime

In Feng Shui, orange is a symbol of wealth and luck. It looks beautiful on a tree with orange on its branches. They also use live wood and artificial wood. The fruit in the vase will also be successful.

Lime tree means abundance and money. If you choose such a talisman, you will be amazed at how easy financial transactions and career growth are.

There are many more types of talismans and let your heart tell you which one to choose.

What amulets and talismans to choose?

The amulet of wealth will be effective if you believe in it. When buying a talisman, listen to your feelings, see if you like it or not. If you make talismans with your own hands, think about achieving the goal, dream, imagine, imagine desires.

Expert opinion

And make sure you love and take care of the talisman, don’t forget. An abandoned amulet becomes ineffective as if offended by you.

How to speak correctly about the talismans of wealth?

In order for the talisman to bring good luck and money into the house, it must be spoken properly, it must be charged:

  • waiting for the rising moon on Thursday;
  • turn off the lights;
  • loosen your hair;
  • light candles;
  • say your wish.

If you believe in them, talismans and wealth amulets have tremendous power. From the wide variety of amulets, choose your own, the only one, discuss it. And luck, prosperity, success will surely come to you.