Can a talisman protect you from disease: the best amulets for health

Sooner or later, we are confronted with the realization that health is the highest value after life itself. This has been the case since the beginning of time; except that the approach to preserving this wealth has changed with scientific advances: from healers to state-of-the-art medical solutions. Of course, there are still unconventional approaches to this day. They are ethnically, geographically different; they exist as an ancient custom or as a last resort. But they usually treat themselves to some degree with magical rituals, spells, prayers, and health amulets in every corner of the Earth and protect themselves from disease.

How effective are they, what talismans are used today for diseases, are there amulets against the coronavirus, we say in the article.

Medical amulets

best talismans for health

Healing or health-protecting talismans are more popular these days than you might think, given the evolution. Few give up medicine completely, but many want more protection, especially from our wise ancestors? "God protects those who are saved, " we say, clinging to the collar with a pin from the evil eye.

The first question about disease amulets - "do they really work? ", The second - "how? " The scientific explanation for the effectiveness of any amulet is the placebo effect. A conspiracy or the same amulet will work if you believe in its power with all your heart.

Most people refuse to use talismans, longing for mere "mystical" influence. But that’s not entirely right: if the amulet really works, is it so important what effect?

Unusual and especially mystical health techniques are attributed to the unknown, so let everyone decide how to treat them. In any case, the experience our ancestors have accumulated over the centuries deserves a great deal of attention. So let’s talk about the most famous health amulets and how to choose your own. At least this knowledge will not hurt you and can be very useful in life.

Do amulets help against coronavirus

The pandemic changed our lives forever and for a time radically changed the course of life on the planet. The virus is broadcast around the clock day and night, and of course the subject has flooded the internet. Among other things, a crowd of "saviors of mankind" appeared who offered their "magic pills" against the epidemic. The system of charlatans is not new: the selection is full of "anti-coronavirus" and "universal" amulets, as well as many prices - from hundreds of rubles to hundreds of thousands. These people will always have customers. And given the panic surrounding the epidemiological situation, there will be many more.

amulets from the coronavirus

It is not an easy rhetorical question whether to entrust your life with an amulet against the coronavirus as well as cancer or any other deadly disease. The ancient sages knew nothing about our virus, and apparently did not make special amulets for centuries to come.

If magical or medicinal properties are attributed to the product, ascorbic acid or water will be sold from a bottle. In order not to get infected with the coronavirus, you need to isolate yourself at home, wash your hands more often, and not panic. Wonderful talismans for prevention, and even more so for treating the coronavirus - cards of the same deck. And okay, if they don’t help or even hurt their owner, who decided to listen to the online miracle merchant instead of the doctors.

How to choose an amulet for diseases

how to choose an amulet for health

We’ve forgotten tales of crown virus spells, we don’t buy that.

But real amulets from diseases deserve attention. If you’re thinking of getting a talisman, "the hour has come, " you just have to choose the right one. To do this, go through all the criteria for their classification.

Let’s start with the shape of the longevity charm. For example, a small personal protective equipment, such as a pendant, or a charm for the whole family, such as household items.

Most amulets fall into the following types:

  • Custom (pendants, rings, bracelets, other small personal items that are removed);
  • Tattoos on the body or stripes on clothes, personal items;
  • Embroidery or other markings on objects on furniture, in the house or on the walls;
  • Natural stones;
  • Babies;
  • Flowers, plants, herbs in any form;
  • Household goods;
  • Even pets.

In addition to the above, amulets can have a completely unique shape.

How long-lasting talismans work

  • It improves the well-being of man by purifying the energy of him and the surrounding space;
  • They "scare away" diseases at the energy level, in scientific language - they increase immunity;
  • It promotes early recovery from illness and surgery;
  • They form an "impenetrable aura" when there are sick or evil-eyed people nearby;
  • Owners of talismans are less susceptible to disease, give birth to strong children, and live longer and happier lives.

Famous medical amulets from around the world

Evaluating amulets is an almost unrealistic task in terms of prevalence and effectiveness. However, millions of people know it. There is no smoke without fire, so it is worth considering such famous amulets.

Red thread on the wrist

red thread for health and good luck

Of the publicly visible amulets, perhaps the most common and simplest is the Hebrew red thread; many celebrities wear it. This amulet will not only work for Jews if you follow certain rules (you can read about this in a separate article). Red thread has a number of beneficial properties, including a strong positive effect on health and vitality in general.


amulet burdock for health

A talisman from the ancient Slavs that heals and attracts happiness. Legend has it that he builds a protective aura on his burdock for his master, through which the negative thoughts of disease and others do not penetrate. In addition to health, this amulet has a positive effect on the owner’s traits and is lucky. Few know, but the burdock plant is one of the most common signs of traditional Slavic embroidery, a symbol of peace and longevity.

Ertsgamma star

Erzgamma star for health

Mysterious symbol, one of the oldest. It can be found in different religions (including Christian) and cultures. It is interpreted by many possibilities, but it is based on the main thing - the harmony of soul and body. An excellent charm for health and longevity, suitable for everyone. Moreover, everyone can increase for themselves by investing in their own natural stone.

Long-lasting knot talisman

long-lasting knot talisman

Or "infinity. "It is a powerful talisman and a rather popular mystical sign. It has interesting features: it helps you find what you need and get rid of the excess. For example, by twisting a lot, you can "throw away" a disease, and by spinning - you can attract good luck.

DIY amulets


DIY wax talismans

Real beeswax is the ideal material for longevity. It has powerful natural energy: it absorbs the negative, gives vitality to the owner, keeps it in good shape, increases physical and psychological immunity.

To make such an amulet, you need a candle made of natural wax (you can also use a church candle). Take your time - for a long time, nothing will distract you from the process. You have to tinker alone, in a good mood, full of faith in the future amulet:

  1. Light a candle on a plate;
  2. Looking into the flame for a few minutes, imagine yourself healthy, happy, full of energy, fulfilling your desires with ease;
  3. When the candle is completely burnt out and the wax hardens, remove it intact from the plate and place it in a linen or cotton bag;
  4. You can always take the amulet with you, it can be in your bag; do not pass it on to others.

Important:If you are ill when making wax talc, do not think about it. On the contrary, draw pictures in your head that the disease is finally gone. Wear the finished amulet as close to the patient's organ or place as possible.

If the wax cracks or cracks over time - you have done your duty to make a new one. And bury the old one in a deserted place.


wooden amulets for health

Wood is an excellent base for an amulet. Growing or sawing, they give powerful energy to a healthy and happy life. Oak, alder or ash is better suited for this purpose than others. The wooden amulet can be hung around the neck as a pendant or key in the form of a keychain. Strengthen your effect with runes. Tree spells maintain an energy balance and therefore have a very positive effect on the human body and aura.


embroidered amulets for health and luck

For a very long time, talismans were popular in the form of stains on clothes, accessories, handkerchiefs, personal or family towels. Ideally, natural canvas fibers are required for such embroidery; in the absence of pure wool, silk or cotton. In the master course, you will learn how to embroider an amulet for health.


mascots in the form of dolls

The ancient Slavic peoples had many amulets, but some are special for health and longevity. For example:

  • Bereginya.The strongest defender in Hungary. It "works" against diseases and other ailments.
  • Egg grass.Perhaps the most famous lollipop. Collecting the special herbs in it will deter the infection.
  • Likhomanki.A whole "company" of puppets, protects the health and life of the owner. Not the most famous, but just as strong a talisman.

Scandinavian amulets of strength and longevity

Scandinavian amulets of strength and longevity

The countries of Scandinavia are legends about huge warriors with almost inhuman health. The strongest of their talismans was the Hammer and the Thor Cross. They were worn for men to gain health, heroic strength, and immunity.

  • Serpentine ring(or "Ouroboros") - according to legend, a talisman that provides wisdom and immortality.
  • Freyr- the image of the god of summer and the fertile land - facilitates childbirth, makes the owner strong, healthy and attracts love.

All Scandinavian amulets are made on Wednesday - the day of the big Odin - for health and longevity.

The tree of Life

talisman tree of life

This is the World, the Tree of the Universe, or the Pillar of the World. One of the oldest, most famous and universal symbols. It looks like a circular tree. In different nationalities and religions, this sign is almost unchanged. It personalizes life and health. Suitable for everyone.


amulet alatyr for health and luck

One of the most important ancient Slavic signs. This talisman is protected by three main gods at once - Svarog, Veles, Peru. It symbolizes the beginning of life and the connection of different worlds. In ancient times, this symbol was used to defend against disease and everything else. The amulet is suitable for admirers of Slavic customs, as it favors those who respect it.

Feng Shui is a long-lasting amulet

long life feng shui amulets

The main sign of the good health and longevity of the Chinese is two cranes. It must be kept in the sick room in any form (drawing, embroidery, figurine). The housing sector in the special strength of this sign is the east. And there’s also a version of a talisman that has the same features as nine cranes.

Another feng shui health mascot is old Shou Xing. It has healing properties and provides a happy old age full of family well-being.


pumpkin mascot

In Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui is mentioned as the vessel of life. It can prevent or even cure diseases. So far no one has heard of the cure for coronavirus with pumpkin grass, but it was revered by the Chinese as almost sacred. As a personal talisman, pumpkins are hardly usable, but they are a great choice for the home.

Natural stones - amulets for health

natural stones amuettes for health

The most famous amulets for longevity are jasper and agate. They can be worn clean or inlaid. Jasper and agate beads are particularly strong. Other healing stones:

  • Turquoise- promotes faster recovery and shortens the rehabilitation period;
  • Cacholong- the talisman of women's health;
  • Nephritis- eliminates nervous tension, has a positive effect on the work of the central nervous system;
  • Onyx- perfectly relieves pain.

Important:Any stone will work more efficiently if it is in a silver frame.

Unique amulets

A personal talisman can be ordered from the master for good health and longevity, to restore energy balance. Based on the sacred data in the birth chart — the place, date, and time of birth — a person removes a trifle using a ritual.

Medical bag

health bag mascot

A small bag is sewn from any natural fabric. Depending on the desired effect, different dried herbs are added or collected. The talisman is kept in the patient's room or carried in a purse.

How dried herbs work:

  • Iron grassprotects the health of the owner.
  • Empty topstake away the demons that absorb health and vitality.
  • Elecampane- a herbal name with a colloquial name, gives strength to a person, has a positive effect on health, wipes out deterioration and the evil eye.
  • Knotweed root- when dried, spares the nervous system during shock and illness. Carrying the rooted sachet in the abdomen protects against mental disorders.
  • Juniper, sunflower seeds or nettlesprotect it from injury, the evil eye, and negatives from the outside.

When making a bag, say a prayer and then ask for health and happiness mentally or aloud. You should take the amulet with you or keep it in a secluded place away from prying eyes. As for size, it should fit exactly in your hand.

Paracelsus Square

magic talisman square

Perhaps one of the most unusual health talisman. It is named after the doctor who discovered the amazing ability of a person’s date of birth. Placed in the right order in a square, they become a strong amulet that attracts the owner with everything they need, including good health.

Activation and wearing of long-lasting amulets

He creates his proper talisman of health with his own hands on the rising moon, in peace and solitude. In doing so, thoughts should be dedicated to a joyful, painless life, a healed body. There will be no unnecessary mental or loud asking for protection and any help from the amulet.

Any health spell works best when it is as close as possible to the owner’s body. This is especially true for patients.

If the talisman deforms, collapses, changes color, or is suddenly lost, it means that he has taken all the negatives he knew. Bury it in the ground or remember a good word, thank you for your excellent work. And buy or make a new health amulet.


Millions of people have already experienced this for themselves: amulets for health work. Especially - handmade. Nothing is as strong as a thing that is saturated with energy during production.