Domashiniy talisman to attract money

aquarium goldfish to attract money

Fish skin brings prosperity and satisfaction to the house in everything. He who can unfold it properly knows not need and sorrow. Fish scales resemble small coins for a reason: in nature, one is attracted to another. The only important thing is to hide this talisman properly, otherwise all its magical powers may disappear.

It is very important to know that only certain parts of the fish have magical properties. You shouldn't dry it whole and hang it around your neck, hoping it will keep you out of harm's way. For the fish to help, its scales are sufficient. Only the scales should be very large, for example the scales of a carp or a mirror carp.

These scales look like small coins, and this is exactly what the magical property of the fish is related to: it attracts money, and not just coins. If you activate this talisman correctly, you will never have a problem with money in your house, no matter how much you spend. Of course, money doesn't come out of thin air, unfortunately, all talismans are powerless here. But if there are working people in the household, it is very likely that they will open up new horizons in the labor market, or there will be an opportunity to earn good money in their free time. However, do not expect to win the lottery or a large inheritance, nature only helps those who work.

You will need a handful of silver coins (or other white alloy coins) to activate the fish scale. Make sure you have an odd number of coins, the principle here is the same as with flowers: an even number is suitable for a funeral, and if you want to preserve your financial well-being, feel free to take an odd number. coins.

Place the coins on a flat surface and place 7 scales on each coin. Cover them with a black cloth on top (be careful not to move them), say to the scales:

"He used to protect the fish (the name of the fish) from diseases, and now he has new friends - coins. You love them, protect them from all difficulties, and invite them to visit you as often as possible so that we do not forget each other.

You can leave the scaled coins in the kitchen at night to "make friends". In the morning, remove the scale, fold it neatly into a small bag and put it in a drawer (ceramic pot) in the kitchen. It is very important not to tie the bag with a scale, otherwise thescale cannot receive guests. The bag should be soft, preferably made of natural material, so that the scale is comfortable and convenient and can receive many guests. Leave the box open for the first 3 days, then close it.

And the coins on which the scales lay must be spent on the same day to visit your scales from other people's houses. And if you make a big profit, be sure to bring new coins to visit your balance sheet. Put 3 things in a bag at night and take the coins with you in the morning. You will see that your financial affairs will turn out much better if this object of power appears in your home!

Fish scales only go well with things made of natural materials. Therefore, it should be stored in cloth bags, earthenware pots, wooden boxes and coffins. It is impossible to hold the talisman in front of an open fire, and it is impossible to allow it to get wet.


Take apricots, peaches, plums or any other large fruit seed. Their number must be a multiple of 3, because it is not a single bone that has a magical effect, but their trinity. They must be thoroughly dried: a stone removed from freshly eaten fruit will not work.

Look for a dark cardboard box, although a wooden box will do. It is important that the color is dark. Inside, for greater effect, you can place a piece of velvet fabric so that the money that comes to visit is comfortable.

To activate, you first need to take out a bone from each trinity, then put a drop of honey on each one, then put it in your wallet with change so that the money sticks to the bones. So you have to go through the sun, then take out the bones, rinse them 7 times with running water and put them back in the box. Now the money will stick to the owner of the wallet as if smeared with honey.

The box with bones, like the bag with fish scales, should be kept open for 3 days, then sealed and put away in a secluded place in the kitchen.

Dry leaves

You can also use dried leaves. Green or yellow leaves of deciduous trees should be taken. It should be wiped from the temple with water and then placed between the pages of the book.

Please note that the book should be as positive as possible and bring only good to people. A children's story, a cookbook or a homemade encyclopedia will do. Calculate the number of pages so that there is the same number of pages between the two letters. Place each letter very carefully between the pages so that everyone understands their importance and special role. The more carefully you handle the letters, the more carefully you handle the money, and therefore the more they reach you.

Put this book on the top shelf of your bookshelf to keep borrowing as little as possible. Now this book will be the key to your prosperity. A year later, 7 more leaves should be added to the book, while not disturbing the old, already dried leaves.

Foreign coins and banknotes

There is another way to attract money to the house. This option is suitable for those who travel a lot around the world or are familiar travelers. You will need 7 coins or notes of foreign origin and each one must be from a different country. It should be folded into a clean envelope (without stamps) and written on the envelope in black: "So-so (your name) for happiness and good luck. "You have to keep the envelope under the pillow you sleep on for 3 nights, then close it and put it somewhere hidden. There is no specific recipe here, it just has to be a place that only you know.