We attract luck - we make magic potions with our own hands

how to make a talisman for good luck with your own hands

Faith in magic has long been around in people. They tend to rely on the help of higher powers, supernatural beings, and magical objects. The latter include talismans. No matter what they look like and what they consist of, the point is what they are aimed at and what “duties” they are fulfilling. It’s important to know that no magic spell will help if you don’t believe in it. The magic items can be different. Some of them bring happiness, others - luck and money, others - love, and so on.

You can buy a finished talisman, but it's best to make it yourself, recharge it with energy, and pass on your wishes. His magical talisman helps the owner more successfully.

Making a talisman for good luck with your own hands at home is not difficult at all. You can make it from waste materials, the point is to believe in your abilities as well as in your ability to lure luck. The role of the talisman is matched by tiny soft toys, bracelets, medallions, hairpins, rings, shirts, purses and all other pleasant little things.

There are many ways to create spells yourself. Good luck handmade talismans have the greatest power as they absorb and enhance the energy and power of intention with which they are created.

Magic Wax

According to this "recipe", you can make a strong talisman for luck and money, but on one condition. You must believe in the magic of this rite. The stronger your faith, the more effective your amulet will be. Let start it.

First, you need to select a candlestick. You have to buy a little, but only the one on which your soul rests. Color and shape don’t matter, the point is that you like the candle. It is best to perform the rite of creation on the rising moon.

At midnight, a candle should be placed in a glass and lit. According to Grandma’s methods, there is no need for specific conspiracies because she creates a talisman for herself, which means giving enough of her energy and desires to the candle. As long as you burn, you need to whisper your desires over the flame and also talk about what you don’t want to encounter in life. So let the melting wax soak up all your dreams, remember your worries to lure you into luck in the future, and protect yourself from bad luck as well.

The candle burns out, leaving melted wax. Until it hardens, you can’t touch it because the energy of the owner is hidden in these patterns.

The cooled wax figure can be stored in a pendant, which will be an amulet for good luck and money, or sewn into a bag, small stuffed toy or bracelet. Always take a talisman with such luck and wealth with you and don’t give it into the wrong hands for even a minute. In this case, your amulet does its job and brings pleasant surprises.

Money Rune Help

Natural materials: clay, wood and fibers are good help in transmitting positive energy and attracting luck. It will not be difficult for creative people to shape a figure out of clay or to carve wood out with their own hands. But even if you are not endowed with these talents, you can always create the simplest figure.

what can be a talisman for good luck and money

To make a handmade talisman of luck and money, we need a piece of wood and a sharp knife. Whatever wood is suitable, the point is that it is not rotten, but a strong base. Depending on your creativity, you can carve a figure for an animal, a person, or any simple geometric shape. The main condition is the lack of sharp corners. Therefore, if you decide to cut a cube, make the corner streamlined.

The base is ready, now we use a special symbol - a rune that brings good luck. It looks like a vertical line and two upward-facing stripes located to the right. One stripe should start approximately in the middle of the first line, the second slightly higher.

The talisman is ready, now it needs to be charged properly. We take our hands and give our energy spiritually and also signal what we expect and want from our magical object. We reward you not only with our energy, but also with your faith in power, because without it the amulet will be useless.

We then thread the figure three times three times with thread, as if we were fixing our hexane in it. His amulet is ready for money and good luck. Now you have to accompany him everywhere.

Harnessing the power of natural stones

You can create your lucky talisman at home based on your personal zodiac symbol. For example, it may be a stone or an animal that characterizes the cycle of a particular zodiac.

Which stone is right for you? Let's see:

  • Aries - amethyst, heliotrope;
  • Taurus - jade, agate;
  • Twins - garnet, beryl;
  • Rakam - emerald, calcite;
  • Lion - ruby, snake;
  • Virgo - jasper, kyanite;
  • Balance - diamond;
  • Scorpions - opal, cat's eye;
  • Sagittarius - turquoise, lapis lazuli;
  • Bakok - onix, malachite;
  • For Aquarius - sapphire, obsidian;
  • Pisces - chrysolite, moonstone.

These stones bring a variety of luck to their owners, and only a few of them are able to attract money. Therefore, the amulet will need a second component - a coin.

You can choose the simplest or the one that means something to you (a friend from a trip, presented at a wedding or "first tooth", etc. ).

At full moon, we place it in a plate of water and place it on the window so that the moonlight falls into the water while asking the Moon to reward the coin with gravity. In this case, the water serves as a lens to boost the moon’s energy, as it does when a fire is ignited through a magnifying glass.

Now you need to sew a small red velvet bag with ties, embroider your name or initials on it with yellow (or gold) threads. If desired, you can also embroider various runes that enhance the amulet. In this bag we store the coin and the stone together. They will strengthen their energy in each other’s neighborhoods and there will be forces for you that will attract luck and money. Keep the magic talisman away from prying eyes and closer to yourself. It may not be passed on or donated.

Call 4 natural elements for help

In ancient times, people consciously worshiped the sun, moon, and elements and endowed them with magical properties. All these phenomena have a noticeable effect on nature and the human body. Therefore, their image can serve as a basis for creating a protective spell.

We need: scarlet or gold ribbon made of natural material, threads of different colors (non-synthetic), sewing needles. The fabric and the ribbon must be natural - made of silk or cotton, you can take wool fibers. This opportunity to create a talisman for good luck with your own hands is the simplest in terms of ceremony and material cost, but requires laborious and long work. Unlike before, it can be done not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones — husband, parents, or children.

We embroider or combine images of the sun, moon, earth, water, wind on the selected ribbon, be sure to weave them together into one pattern. Don’t make scattered drawings, think about what it will look like. You can use silver or orange for the moon (depending on your ideas), yellow for the sun, blue for the water, brown for the earth, and gray for the wind.

Such a tape becomes a reliable protector for you and your loved ones from failures and difficulties, attracting prosperity, luck and money as a magnet.