How to make an ordinary piece of jewelry a huge talisman

how to make a talisman for good luck with your own hands

Many people have their favorite jewelry, but few know that a huge talisman can be made from them. The advice of bioenergy experts will help you with this.

Many jewelry radiates positive energy and helps people find their purpose in life. This applies not only to stones and minerals, but also to jewelry made of precious metals. Silver, for example, repels negative energy, gold helps creativity and action, and platinum gives confidence and makes people more emotionally resilient.

What decoration to choose for each talisman

Experts say there can be no two main talismans for every human being. There can only be one left. This does not mean that it should only be worn on special days. You can wear it without removing it.

Every stone and metal has its own energy, but a really strong talisman has to go through the rite of charge. For the strongest amulet, choose your favorite jewelry that won’t separate you. It can even be a wedding ring. Your jewelry may not be jewelry - many wear wooden amulets or even plastic figures around their necks.

General rules:

  • I like the decoration, only pleasant memories should be associated with it;
  • It is desirable not to have owners before it. The jewelry found should not be made as a talisman.

How to make decoration per talisman

The world is made up of four types of energy flows, as there are four elements: water, earth, air and fire. You must select your item.

  • Fire.The mascots of this element are suitable for those for whom financial success, work achievements and careers are particularly important. If you want to stand out in this area, your jewelry needs to be hardened.
  • Wateris ​​more suitable for those who focus on physical and mental health. Water talismans are suitable for those who are actively involved in sports, recharge constantly, or lack positive emotions.
  • Earth.This element is suitable for anyone who considers knowledge to be the most important thing in life. If you love intellectual work and your primary importance is wisdom, you need to make a talisman about the elements of the Earth.
  • Air.Aerial talismans help in love, finding new acquaintances, communicating with people in general. The air connects a person with the rest of the world, lends intuition and immense charisma to him, helping him to learn positive thinking.
making an amulet for good luck with your own hands

Water Talisman. This is very easy to do. To do this, on one of the new moons, you must pour pure spring water into a glass and make an ornament there, and then you must say a conspiracy:Mother Nature, give me simple strength and joy to make life sweeter, easier and not empty. . .

The talisman should be placed in a secluded place and should not be worn until the full moon, ie for about two weeks. You can repeat your ritual in six months or even a year if mood or health problems start.

Fiery talisman.The ritual should be repeated once a month. It is held at full moon. You will need a candle and two mirrors. Place the mirrors facing each other to open the energy flow. Place a lighted candle between them. The ornament must be held over the fire, and it must be said,- Let my doubts burn like fire. Let the fears burn I look forward to goodness and blessings. Let me be held by the Higher Forces. "After the conspiracy is pronounced, put out the candle and say," That's right. "

Air Talisman. Air is everywhere, so this jewel is directly on you. Wear it as often as possible, imagining how saturated the air is with the power of the battery. It’s better to take off the air talismans at night and put them on the windowsill so that the Moon can replenish them with its power in addition.

Earth's talisman.If you have houseplants, they will help replenish the talisman. You can place the decoration next to the ground or directly into the ground. You have to stay there for three days. We better start our ritual on the Full Moon. When you receive your new talisman, say the following words:“The earth keepeth me, I obtain wisdom. And at night in the pitch black and glare. "

Remember that talismans cannot be given to others. They are tied to your energy and belong only to you. The talisman helps to get rid of the black stripe, attracts luck and happiness. The most important thing is to believe in the power of nature and trust it completely.