An imperial amulet for luck and wealth

imperial amulet for good luck and prosperity

We all need to agree, we want to live without thinking about money. Probably everyone is thinking about how great it would be if everything they had planned was successful and there was enough money available not only for daily expenses. Money luck won't hurt anyone, right?

Attracting success and material wealth to your life uses a special imperial amulet for good luck and wealth that you can buy in a special store or make for yourself. Yes, there are rumors that it is impossible to make such a talisman by hand, but we assure you that nothing is impossible in our world!

Well, let's find out what this beast is - an imperial amulet, and what power it actually has.

What is an imperial amulet?

The imperial money amulet is a very special spell that, according to legend, has been known since ancient times. It is believed that the very first such talisman was made by one of the monks. To create his creation, the monk had to read together a conspiracy for a coin and mysterious spells that anyone had known all night. Yes, yes, if you don’t know what an imperial amulet looks like, then don’t be surprised - it’s really an ordinary coin. The old monk presented a hand-made talisman to the ruler, and then his financial and personal affairs went smoothly. Legend has it that after the owner’s death, this very imperial coin amulet was passed from hand to hand to his descendants, but he did not lose his miraculous power.

It is said that the "recipe" for creating the magical talisman was lost when the monastery in which this miraculous thing was born was destroyed. This happened during the revolution, but later, when the holy place was put in order, the ancient secret of the monk was revealed. And now the imperial amulet of good luck and wealth can be purchased by anyone in specialty online stores.

The magical properties of the coin

the magical properties of the imperial amulet

What are the magical properties of a royal coin amulet? It is believed to help solve problems related to a person’s financial condition.

So, for example, under his influence, the unemployed find a job that gives them a good income, loans and debts can be closed much faster, old debtors who have forgotten to owe a certain amount are suddenly returned, and after buying any Amuletone seems lucky, and especially in matters of professional activity.

The most important thing is to honestly believe that the imperial amulet of luck and money really works, because in our difficult world, without real faith in magic, there is simply nowhere! Do you remember the famous saying that thoughts are material? In fact, this is the case: when you believe in miracles, they will surely happen to you.

Can you make an amulet with your own hands?

Many people, when they find out how much an imperial amulet costs, decide to try to make it on their own. But how real is it? Shops selling magic talism say they should only be made by experienced mages or priests, but esoteric practitioners say self-creation will not be worse, or even better in many ways, because homemade magic is always known to have great power. as purchased.

Another issue is that creating an talisman requires an antique coin that is quite difficult to obtain. But on the other hand, anyone who searches will always find the point is that the coin is old. So if you find it, half the battle is over. Now let’s figure out how to make an imperial amulet with your own hands.

Production rules

So suppose you already have the royal coin itself. The magic ritual is held on Sunday - this day is under the auspices of the Sun, which means it is ideal for creating amulets, amulets and various rituals. It is desirable for Sunday to coincide with the full moon, but if this is not possible, select the phase of the rising moon. Prepare a red thread and a piece of colored fabric.

The ritual of making the imperial amulet is held after midnight for good luck and wealth. Prepare for it in advance: you need to be left alone, turn off the lights and all the electrical appliances, light a church or an aromatic wax candle (if you buy colored, you prefer green), then you can quietly turn on the meditative music. Sit in silence for a few minutes, visualizing your desire in thought.

Then spread a piece of red fabric on the windowsill so that the moonlight falls on it, take a coin, tie it with a red thread, then place it on the fabric and ask the Higher Forces to bring into your life what is missing. the moment. You can ask mentally or aloud - it doesn’t matter. Leave your prospective amulet to lie down on the windowsill for a few hours. During this time, you will be saturated with the energy of the moon.

How do I activate the Imperial Amulet? It doesn’t require any complicated manipulation - just put it under your pillow after lying in the moonlight. You can then take your new money talisman with you, for example in your wallet or purse, or store it where you keep your savings. If you put it around your neck - make a hole in the coin and pass a red thread or lace through it - it will be the amulet pendant in this form.

Wearing rules

Finally, find out how to wear the imperial amulet properly:

  • Don’t tell anyone about existence and don’t show the talisman in order to show yourself. If you wear it around your neck, always put the magic pendant under your dress, and if someone asks you, try not to go into detail.
  • Don't let anyone touch your amulet.
  • Don’t give someone an imperial coin made specifically for yourself. The maximum that can be done is to pass it on by inheritance, previously purified from its own energy (for example, by keeping it in salt for a day). The new owner must reactivate the talisman.
  • Take the amulet in your hand at least once a week, communicate with it, thank you for your help.

By following these simple rules, you will very soon notice how your life has changed for the better.