How to make an amulet for luck and money with your own hands

what to make an amulet fortunately with your own hands

For most people, luck and financial success come first. There are a huge number of talismans, but the best of these are the ones you created yourself.

Stones-talismans should not be removed from the list of helpers and magnets obligatory for money because their natural strength is very great. These include stones such as chrysolite, topaz, garnet, aventurine and carnelian.

DIY feng shui amulets

One of the strongest talismans is the red thread. According to feng shui, red attracts the largest amount of Qi, making one more successful, not only in the financial sphere but also in love.

The fiber can be silk, cotton, wool or any other natural material. To make such an amulet as simple as possible, you just need to knit the yarn correctly. Wrap your hands, tie the yarn first at the top and then at the bottom. The excess can be cut off. Leave on for several months.

Feng Shui experts recommend replacing the thread about every six months. No need to wash or leave somewhere in the drawers. Once the old one has served you well, throw it away.

The second homemade feng shui amulet for money and good luck is a dried orange peel. You should keep a small piece of this bark in your wallet or work bag. Better yet, lie on the table in your right hand — somewhere in an inconspicuous place. This amulet increases financial opportunities and helps you make the right decisions in business and in the workplace.

The third feng shui amulet is only used to attract money. It's a simple coin. Try to find an unusual coin to distinguish it from the rest of your wallet if you wish.

Folk homemade amulets for good luck and money

A bag of salt. A small bag into which to pour a little salt will save you from financial turmoil and provide excellent protection from enemies, evil eyes and problems. The sachet must be made by hand - not purchased or ordered online. In addition to salt, it can also be filled with straw, dried flowers or wool. Tie it with wool strands. You have to carry it with you at all times. Keep it in your bag, car or pocket if it is small enough.

You can make a strong amulet out of dough. Knead the dough and then make a ball into which we can put a coin. This amulet protects your finances from the malicious. Shopping will be easier and safer - the chances of being scammed are greatly reduced. The ancients believed that dough would help change destiny.

Black button. To make a talisman out of an ordinary button, it must be black and have four holes. You will need black and gray wool fibers. The black thread should be threaded into the lower left hole, from there - the upper right, then the gray thread - into the lower right and then the upper left. This should be done with the threads on one side. You should then tie a gray thread first and then a black thread. This is the most powerful self-made talisman for luck that helps in love and deeds, protects from bad people.

All the talismans described above are compatible with each other, however, bioenergy experts recommend that they not be confused. Try them all in a row and choose the best one for you. The inspection should last at least two to three weeks. If you want to attract luck faster, for example in the financial field, you can use meditation for money.