The best amulets for luck

From ancient times, people have been looking for ways to protect themselves from failure and bring happiness and luck into their lives. For this purpose, special talismans were used, which endowed their owner with favorable energy and provided prosperity for him. Today, a man is provided with a large selection of amulets for good luck, from time to time and based on the experiences of their ancestors.

He conjures good luck

How amulets work

There are those who are distrustful of the various talismans of wealth. It is believed that man can find prosperity only through his own efforts and efforts. But it’s worth noting that not everyone becomes rich, or at least a rich man who works on the sweat of his forehead. In this case, we are talking not only about the productivity of work, but also about luck.

The charm of financial luck works like this:

  • increase one's enthusiasm, faith in one's own strengths and abilities;
  • program consciousness for abundance, prosperity;
  • attracts the right conditions, the right people, beneficial relationships;
  • frees one from the negative thoughts of failure and poverty;
  • inspire their owner to move up the career ladder;
  • protects against unreasonable spending of money, loss-making investment of funds;
  • help them find new sources of income.

In general, every amulet of fortune puts its owner in a positive mood, bringing them to lifelines where everything they want is given easily, without excessive effort.

Talismans that bring happiness and wealth are not always effective. They may lose their strength in the following cases:

  1. If one treats the benefits received unreasonably, he directs them to the detriment of others.
  2. If material values or food are thrown in the trash (unnecessary things and orphaned products should be given to those in need).
  3. If the house is cluttered, there are many unwashed dishes, dirty floors and windows. It is believed that luck does not tolerate clutter, it leaves a carefree home. In this case, no talisman helps.

To increase the effect of amulets on good fortune, you need to develop generosity in yourself, equip your home to create an atmosphere of purity and well-being.

The strongest talismans

Among the many amulets of wealth and luck, there are some that are distinguished by special power:

  1. An irreplaceable coin is a symbolic penny bought in a specialty store that has no cash equivalent. For this talisman to become stronger, it must be activated. To do this, place the coin on the windowsill in a saucer filled with water so that the rays of the moon fall on it. This should be done on the rising moon. In the morning, the talisman is taken out of the water, wiped dry, placed in a clearly visible place in the house or in the wallet.
  2. The Horseshoe is an ancient amulet, a talisman of fortune. To attract happiness and luck into the house, they are hung on the outside of the door, pointing horns upwards.
  3. The charming clairvoyant talisman for wealth.
  4. Ship with Coins, Jewelry - The figure of a ship with sails raised in the wind is considered favorable in itself, but the effect is enhanced when you load money or jewelry on board. It is important that the ship does not have military supplies, then it becomes a symbol of success, progress, achievement of the desired goals.
  5. The imperial amulet is a coin modeled on the monetary amulet of the royal dynasty. The story of the appearance of this talisman begins with the emperor, to whom the monk gave a conspiracy penny. It is believed that he ensured the welfare of the royal family and could bring good luck to all its owners.
  6. The lucky star is a magical symbol representing a 12-pointed star. It is believed that this amulet attracts happiness, love, abundance.
  7. Money tree - an artificial or living plant creates an atmosphere of well-being in the house. The power of the talisman increases when you tie a red thread around the branches. You can also place a scarlet napkin under the flower pot, hiding several bills underneath.

Particular attention deserves traditional national amulets to attract happiness and prosperity. Among them it is worth highlighting:

  • Chinese talismans are oranges, deer figures, three-legged toad. Orange symbolizes prosperity, satisfaction, wealth. According to Chinese tradition, reindeer attract spiritual and material wealth. The three-legged toad personifies a helper who attracts the necessary events, new sources of income.
  • Japanese amulets - a golden dragon, a fountain, a special cat figure (Maneki-Neko). The golden dragon promotes career and financial success. A home fountain draws useful energy into a home that contributes to the health and well-being of family members. The figure of a cat with a raised right paw attracts happiness and money energy.
  • Muslim amulets - Fatima's hand, a crescent with a star. The hand of Fatima removes all worries and misfortunes from its owner, attracts luck, wealth, brings peace to the family. The crescent star endows sincere followers of Islam with spiritual and material benefits.

It doesn’t matter if the talisman is big or small, the point is that one has to pay enough attention to it, be in constant contact with it and take it with oneself.

How to make talismans in a purse with your own hands

DIY amulets of happiness and wealth have the greatest power. In their creation, man invests his own energy, establishing a personal connection with a magical quality.

Creating an amulet from an account

Talismans for the wealth in your wallet that are as simple as peeling pears at home:

Conspiracy bill

First, choose a brand new banknote of any denomination, preferably without breaks and wear. At full moon, the bill is brought to the window so that the moonlight falls on it. They read a special conspiracy: "There are so many stars in the sky and fish in the ocean, so I always have enough money, it doesn't fall. "

Four-leaf clover

First, choose the right clover leaf to make it your talisman. It should have four petals, and one is much shorter than the others. The harvested plant is dried between the pages of the book. The resulting herbarium is laminated and a small circle is cut from the finished sheet. Laminated clover comes in a wallet away from prying eyes.

Four-leaf clover

Money bag

You need to buy a small green bag (you can find these at the points of sale for earrings, rings) or make it yourself from durable, opaque fabric. Then they light a green candle, bring several coins one by one to the fire, saying "penny penny, " and put the money in a bag. Allow the candle to burn out, in the end, if a little slag remains, seal the bag with hot wax, coating it on all sides with eucalyptus oil. This ceremony helps to fill the money bag for good luck, the ability to attract wealth. The created mascot comes in a wallet with a separate pocket.

Rune Fehu

When creating this amulet, you will need an accurate photo of the Fehu rune from the internet. It is believed that this magical symbol attracts prosperity, material values and contributes to the fulfillment of desires. The runic mark is transferred to the cardboard with a red marker or an image is printed from the internet. Laminated for long-term storage of paper or cardboard. The resulting talisman is placed in a purse, keeping away from prying eyes.

Rune Fehu

Wearable amulets and feng shui to attract money

According to the teachings of feng shui, you can bring good luck into your life with the help of special figures and body talismans placed correctly in the house.

Popular feng shui money figures:

  1. Anything or laughing Buddha - personifies the energy of happiness and general well-being. To make money, you need to caress your stomach regularly, clean it of dust. You can also activate Hoteit by putting a new red napkin under it.
  2. Swallows - in Chinese tradition, they symbolize success and the rapid fulfillment of desires. There is no need to use bird figures, paintings or photographs have the same effect.
  3. The Phoenix is a symbol of fruitful work, receives a well-deserved reward, and long-awaited success. This talisman is especially effective in times of economic crisis, man’s financial failures. This bird personifies rebirth after collapse, triumph, overcoming hardship.
  4. Goldfish is a traditional feng shui amulet that attracts wealth. Both goldfish figures and a real aquarium will do.
Laughing Buddha figure

According to the feng shui tradition, there are few body-worn talismans designed to attract happiness and prosperity. First, it’s a lace on your hand and a coin with a square hole.

A garland woven from green threads, a universal amulet for good luck - made of a multicolor braid. During the making of the magic bracelet, they visualize their dreams and favorable events. The finished lace is tied to the left wrist and rubbed with patchouli oil.

Chinese square-hole coins are sold in specialty stores. To have personal wealth about their wealth, coins are tied with red lacing and placed in a wallet. If you wish, you can wear a coin around your neck by letting a red ribbon pass through it.

Amulets attract money according to the signs of the zodiac

According to the zodiac sign, individually selected amulets have great power. For each constellation, astrologers advise their wealth-attracting talismans, gems, and symbols:

  • Aries is suitable for red amulets, symbols depicting weapons, as this zodiac is under the auspices of Mars.
  • Taurus brings lucky emeralds, the figure of the elephant Ganesha.
  • For the Gemini, the talisman of monetary luck will be a gold key, a feather, a monkey figure, pomegranate stones and topaz.
  • Crabs are brought to prosperity by heart-shaped figures, beads and silverware.
  • Jewelry and paintings depicting the sun, a precious ruby, a gold amulet in the form of the king of the beasts are ideal for Leo.
  • Jade figurines, owl figurines as a symbol of the well-being of Virgins.
  • Money amulet for Libra - pyramid, wheel-shaped pendant, miniature scale.
  • The scarab beetle symbol, a three-legged toad figure and a cat’s eye help Scorpions improve their well-being.
  • The archery men are helped by the images and figures of the centaur, the women - salamanders - to help them find happiness and wealth.
  • Round money amulets, black cat figures, malachite products help the Capricorn get rich.
  • Aquarius should watch out for talismans in the form of winged insects, they are also favorably affected by a miniature indoor fountain.
  • Moonstone, corals, Chinese coins, magic knots attract good luck to Pisces.

The different constellations also differ in the ceremonies and rituals required to activate the talismans. Fill the amulet next to the candle flame for the representatives of the fire element (Lion, Sagittarius, Aries). Aerial signals (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) should keep their amulet in strong winds. It is better if the water images (Pisces, Crabs, Scorpions) turn to water for help. Representatives of the earth element (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) have to keep the talisman on the ground for a while.


  • "I never kept the talismans of wealth at home except for a living money tree. I thought it worked when financial hardships started in our family (the plant was yellowing then, leaves were starting to lose). I follow closely now, I always water in time ".
  • "I always have an irrevocable dollar in my wallet. "There, two numbers on it coincide with the date of my birth. "
  • - I get paid and I don't even have time left at home, debts, mortgages, loans. I’m making myself a talisman in my wallet, seeing what will change. "