Amulets to attract money and good luck

Money and luck. . . How often are both missing. . . How do we make our lives the richest so that we don’t live from pay to pay like many of us, but allow ourselves to do whatever your heart desires? Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find a good job in Hungary with a decent salary. What can we do to bring luck to us and put the money itself in our pockets? Many simply give up and live without thinking about how to increase their income and bring good luck to their side. And there are those who try everything to get what they want. An amulet to attract money helps a lady get lucky and get to work. You just need to know what talismans to buy, where and how to wear them correctly, and how to make an amulet for money with your own hands.

Types of money talismans

lucky coin talisman

What is a talisman to attract money? Since ancient times, he has attracted the secrets and excellent achievements of magic to people in achieving a particular goal. Both money and luck can be attracted with magic. The amulets of prosperity, of which there are so many, help this perfectly. You can now buy them at any magic store or make them yourself. A richly lovingly made talisman will work much more effectively than one purchased in a store.

Plants, ancient coins, horseshoes, various figures, precious stones, conspiracies written on paper are used as amulets to attract money and luck.

Today, feng shui amulets are very popular for money. These talismans are:

  • three coins tied with a red ribbon;
  • figures - tummy Hotei with a sack of wisdom and wealth, a toad, a coin in his mouth;
  • decorative waterfalls and fountains;
  • aquariums with fish;
  • a tree with coins instead of leaves.

It doesn’t matter what the talisman becomes; the point is that the soul lies with him. It also needs to be properly charged with energy to make it work and be useful. It is worth treating one of these very carefully - don’t tell anyone about it, don’t show it; and even more so do not let others touch the cherished amulet, otherwise luck will turn away from its owner. Yet faith in what you do is very important. Without faith, no talisman helps us, and in order for the cherished thing to be profitable, let us not forget gratitude.

Money tree

money tree to attract luck

One of the most common symbols of wealth is the money tree. She is also called Crassula or a fat woman. It is believed that if this plant is in an apartment or house, its owner is always accompanied by luck and prosperity.

In order for the plant to work, attracting money to the house, it must be planted correctly and programmed with the necessary conspiracy to succeed. For a tree to bring good luck, the shoot must be done in a place where prosperity and well-being reigns, such as from friends who don’t need anything.

Three coins of the same denomination are placed at the bottom of a new pot covered with beautiful earth, and a shoot is planted on the rising moon, reading the following conspiracy:

"My copper money, my gold money, my money, go to my hand, my wallet, go on Monday, go on Tuesday, go on Wednesday, go on Thursday, go on Friday and Saturday, go on Sunday. Let every penny and ruble get to know me, not into the hands of others, but into my wallet. Key, lock, tongue. Amen! "

In order for the tree to grow better and be beneficial, it must be carefully cared for and regularly praised. Then there will be no price for such a talisman.

Irreplaceable coin

How to make a talisman that brings prosperity? For such an amulet, a large denomination banknote should be used to attract only big money and not something small. In this case, only the invoice that was presented as a gift, won the lottery, or received in the first payment is eligible. They are placed separately in any compartment of the new red wallet after a special ritual has been performed over the money. This happens at dawn in the morning.

To do this, you need to prepare:

  • new mirror;
  • green candle;
  • a glass of holy water.

They put a mirror on the table, put an invoice on it, and put water on it. They light a candle by the mirror. Looking at the money, they read the conspiracy three times:

"Get up in the morning and call to the goldsmith, the goldsmiths, and all the helpers of the merchants, the things of the nobility, and the wicked born, who mourn, drive the medal, water them with gold. . So my respect and desire for water is a mirror, but how does everything split in two in the mirror, but my money multiplies and under the pretext of gold, and this under the pretext, then pawn in my wallet and money fixed so gold-silver ringing and ringing in my wallet asa co-worker sings. Even what comes and the second cleanses, and if it does, it approves for money, it becomes rich, it crumbles, and it magnifies itself with initiative in every way possible. So my money, bearable, grows, you, with endless fields, hasty and black earth and fertile, but you scatter the rivers, the water, inhabited, and all that can be measured on the mirror surface, and allow yourself gold and silver to split everything in twomultiply. , so I also walk in gold and silver, very tsarist, gentleman, merchant in gold, but be rich. No one cuts, does not break in half, does not cut with eyes, does not close with a word. Amen! "

They drink half a glass of water and wash with the other half. The ceremony will be held for seven consecutive days on the rising moon. Then, the next day after the last time of the ceremony, the ransom is taken to the crossroads and the bill is carried in the wallet without being touched or exchanged.

Do it yourself Horde amulet

Horde amulet to attract good luck

To improve your financial well-being and increase your income, make a Horde amulet for money that will help everyone, regardless of gender or age. For the talisman to work, it is worn in a wallet or secret pocket without being shown to anyone.

To do such a thing, you need to prepare:

  • a coin was found on the street. Under no circumstances should you pick up coins at intersections;
  • thin rope;
  • 3 church cones.

On Wednesday night, a ceremony of the transition to the consecration of an amulet will be held on the rising moon.

Order of performance of the rite:

  • they put three candles in a triangle on the table and lighted them from matches, and they themselves sat in a chair in front of the candles;
  • the coin is pressed into his palm and a magical conspiracy is read on it:

- I'll take a hand. As he, alone, with me, (name), now, so with me, alone, prosperity will be invincible. My coin calls others, wealth attracts, brings. I now live in wealth and prosperity. Amen! "When casting a spell, you have to visualize how money is poured into your wallet and pocket. The way you touch it, hold it in your hand, count it, spend it on pleasant purchases.

  • the enchanted coin is tied crosswise with a cord, saying, "I will tie the coin, I will attract money";
  • the end of the string should never be cut. They are burned by candles;
  • placing the finished talisman in the center of the triangle of the candles and lying down;
  • in the morning the finished amulet is placed separately in a wallet and taken with you.

Amulet cord

cord - amulet that attracts luck

Money-luring talismans are full of their diversity. The simplest of these is the handmade amulet cord to attract wealth.

Making such a money talisman is very simple. You need to buy different colored threads at the store. Colors such as:

  • yellow, attracts happiness and success;
  • red, which increases the power of desires;
  • blue, fulfills these desires;
  • green, attracts wealth and luxury.

All the threads are mixed together and a braid is woven from them. Furthermore, the cherished desire for prosperity is whispered to this pig. The lace thus put together is placed on his left leg and worn without being removed until the wish comes true. They are then removed and burned, and thanks are given to the world and the universe for the fulfillment of desire.

Wealth ritual

coins to attract luck

This ceremony is quite old and proven. It has helped many, even if not in gaining immense wealth, but in achieving prosperity. The point is very simple:

  • begin the ceremony on the first day of any month. To do this, they put one coin a day in a new, beautiful box - the first day they put one ruble in the box, the second - two rubles, the third - three. You can’t miss a single day and can’t announce coins on another day. If you forgot to spend the money on any one day, the ceremony must be restarted the following month;
  • be sure to put money in the box at once. Accordingly, one must imagine how money fills this box to the top;
  • on the last day of the month, the coins are taken out of the box, exchanged for an account, and carried as a talisman in the wallet.

Do it yourself for amulet money

bowl of coins to attract money

In order for money to always be found in the house, it is necessary to make a talisman for the money. To do this, take:

  • metal mug;
  • a handful of coins from the wallets of all the people living in the house;
  • church candle;
  • Holy water.

The water is poured into a bowl, a candle is lit next to it, and the coins are alternately dipped into the water while reading "Our Father. "Taking every penny in hand, they imagine that this is not a small change, but big money. If the cup is completely full of coins, you should say the following words:

"As soon as this glass is full, my house will also be full of abundance and joy. Amen! "

This bowl of money symbolizes the family budget.

All of these money-attracting amulets will serve faithfully if all the recommendations for production are followed correctly. They bring financial well-being and luck to your home and wallet.